City of Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas said it was an honour to greet Perth’s newest citizens at this morning’s Ceremony at the Perth Town Hall.
“It’s always a great privilege to officially welcome our newest citizens into the City of Perth community,” Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas said. “It was wonderful to see such a diverse range of people becoming new Aussie citizens here in the iconic Perth Town Hall. We’re grateful and proud that so many people have chosen to make the City of Light their home.”
Four Community Citizen of the Year awards were also presented, recognising those who have positively and selflessly contributed to the Perth community this year:

  • Citizen of the Year – Jane Armstrong
  • Youth Citizen of the Year – Kate Kirwin
  • Senior Community Citizen of the Year – Paul Ennis
  • Active Citizenship (group or event) – Sensorium Theatre

“The Community Citizen of the Year Awards recognise inspirational people and groups who have contributed to our diverse City community. The winners and all those nominated should be truly proud of their achievements,” Mr Zempilas said.

“We wouldn’t be where we are without the contributions of passionate citizens such as Jane, Kate and Paul, and the invaluable work of groups such as Sensorium Theatre.”
In conjunction with all Western Australian Local Governments, Auspire – the Australia Day Council of WA has led the local Citizen Awards Program since 2003.
The awards recognise individuals and organisations making a notable contribution or providing outstanding service to our community.
Full details of the award winners are cited below:
City of Perth Citizen of the Year – Jane Armstrong
Jane was recognised for their invaluable work with people experiencing homelessness. Through Homelessness We Care, Jane helps youths, families, migrants, refugees, those financially disadvantaged, unemployed or disabled, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Jane works tirelessly to make their lives more bearable by fundraising, sourcing food donations, providing meals and a safe space to talk.
City of Perth Youth Citizen of the Year – Kate Kirwin
2024 WA Young Australian of the Year Kate Kirwin was recognised for her advocacy for women in STEM. Kate is the founder of ‘She Codes Australia’, an organisation that seeks to create technology and entrepreneurial career pathways for women by helping them to develop coding skills. Making widespread change at a grassroots level in WA, Kate is an excellent example of a youth leader.
City of Perth Senior Community Citizen of the Year – Paul Ennis
With a lifetime of dedication to Perth, Paul has serviced the Perth Town Hall clock for more than 60 years. His meticulous attention to detail has kept the clock in working condition while preserving its heritage value. He is the last in the family line of watchmakers to service the Town Hall, with the Ennis Family Jewellers giving more than 100 years of service to the City. 
City of Perth’s Active Citizenship (group or event) – Sensorium Theatre
Sensorium Theatre was recognised for improving the lives of children with disabilities through theatre. Formed in WA in 2010, Sensorium is the only company in Australia performing live theatre shows designed for young people with disabilities.
Runner-up nominees were:
Citizen of the Year
Donna Berry
Danielle Bradtke
Adil Cader
Maggie Ciobanu
Christopher Denz
Pia Hazelwood
Elizabeth Lang
Rach Mac
Glennys Marsdon
Soa Palelei
Troy Palmer
Duc Pham
Eunice Sari
Tetyana Smith
Citizen of the Year - Group or Event
Broken Crayons Still Colour
Foundations of Hope
The Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka WA Chapter