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Career opportunities

The City of Perth is committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity for all employees and to provide employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. The City strongly encourages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to apply for any position advertised.

Current Opportunities

Selection criteria

The selection criteria can be found by downloading the Position Description document that is attached to each vacancy. Please address the selection criteria with a small, succinct paragraph addressing each point. Remember to read and check the How to Apply details within the Position Description document.

  • What is the City of Perth?

    The City of Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. The capital city area is in many respects the symbol of Western Australia’s relationship with the rest of the nation and the Asia Pacific region. The City is also the focus for the greater metropolitan area. 

    The City of Perth is a statutory entity constituted under the Local Government Act 1995. Its role is to administer the affairs of the City and establish a policy framework that serves the City community. The City of Perth incorporates the Perth Central Business District together with the suburbs of East Perth, West Perth, Northbridge and part of Crawley. 

    The governing body of the Council consist of nine elected members including the Lord Mayor. Local Government elections are held in October with half the Council up for re-election every two years. The Lord Mayor is elected by popular vote every four years. 

  • What are the City’s vision and goals?


    Vibrant, connected, progressive.


    A safe, activated and welcoming city that celebrates its diversity and sense of community, providing unique educational, cultural, sporting and lifestyle offerings.

    A well-planned and functional built form environment, promoting world class architecture, appreciation of heritage, diversity of land use and a sustainable, affordable and accessible integrated transport system.

    A city that respects, protects and fosters its natural environment, embraces the principles of sustainability and acknowledges the impacts of our changing climate.

    A city with a diverse and resilient economy capitalising upon its unique competitive advantages and creative reputation, attracting sustainable investment in education, tourism, entertainment, commerce, technology and trade.

    A city led by a Council and supported by an administration that is committed to sound strategy and governance, excellence in customer service and effective and sincere engagement with all stakeholders.

    A City that has earned the respect and support of the local industry through strong partnerships with state bodies, industry and community groups and other key stakeholders.

  • What are the City’s values?

    The City of Perth's corporate values were selected for best reflecting the culture employees want to see. These values (and taglines) are now being rolled out across the City of Perth and embedded into everything we do. 


    They are:

    • Commitment — Think It, Say It, Do It
    • Courage — Speak Up, Stand Up, Persevere
    • Respect — Listen, Consider, Support 
    • Teamwork — One City: Stronger Together 



  • What is the organisational structure of the City of Perth?

    The City has a Chief Executive Officer and four General Managers. These Alliances and their units are:

    CEO Alliance

    • Legal Services
    • Audit & Risk
    • Executive Services
    • Governance
    • Corporate Communications


    Corporate Services Alliance

    • Financial Services 
    • Strategy & Reporting
    • Human Resources
    • ICT Services
    • Property Services
    • Information & Records Management


    Planning and Economic Development Alliance

    • City Planning
    • Development Approvals
    • Transport & Urban Design
    • Economic Development
    • City Future


    Community Development Alliance

    • Customer Experience
    • Community Services
    • Activation and Cultural Experience
    • Community Safety and Amenity
    • Marketing


    Infrastructure and Operations Alliance

    • Infrastructure and Assets
    • Operations
    • Parking Services
  • How can I get involved in local government?
    • Volunteering opportunities: Youth Advisory Council and Visitor Info Centre.
    • As an Elected Member.
    • Traineeships/apprenticeships.
  • What traineeships/apprenticeships are currently on offer?

    To obtain further information or submit your interest in undertaking a traineeship/apprenticeship at the City, send an email to the Human Resources Unit to notify the HR team of your interest.