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Planning framework

The City's planning framework is largely established under the State Government's Planning and Development Act 2005 and associated subsidiary legislation. It includes:

  • Planning Strategies: these include the City Planning Strategy which is intended to set out the long term vision and strategy for the planning and development of the city.
  • Planning Schemes: these are legislative documents which are intended to implement the Planning Strategies by way of setting out land use and development controls as well as processes.
  • Planning Policies and Precinct Plans: these are created under the Planning Schemes and are intended to supplement the Planning Schemes by providing further guidance on area or subject specific land use and development matters.
  • Planning Registers and Lists: these are created under the Planning Schemes and record specific land use and development information which is applicable to specific properties.

Links to details on each of these are provided below.

Planning responsibilities

There are multiple planning authorities and decision making bodies in the City of Perth, they include:

  • City of Perth.
  • State Government’s City of Perth Local Development Assessment Panel for developments above specified costs.
  • State Government’s Western Australian Planning Commission, over land which is reserved under the Metropolitan Region Scheme.
  • State Government’s Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority over land within its Redevelopment Authority Area.

The City’s planning framework is administered by both the City of Perth and the City of Perth Local Development Assessment Panel.

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority administers its own planning framework within the Central Redevelopment Area. This includes its Central Redevelopment Scheme and associated Planning Policies.