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Citizen of the Year 2023

Auspire Awards

Auspire – Australia Day Council WA, Community Citizen of the Year Awards are presented by Local Government within local communities across Western Australia.

These awards recognise the local heroes who make a momentous contribution in areas such as education, health, wellbeing, business, sport, arts, the environment, social inclusion and volunteering. It is an opportunity to celebrate people who are proud of Perth, who have a sense of responsibility to the community and who have brought about positive change as a result.

There are four categories for the awards:

  • Community Citizen of the Year
  • Young Community Citizen of the Year (16 - 30 years) *
  • Senior Community Citizen of the Year (65 years or over)
  • Active Citizenship (group or event)

* Younger nominees may be considered for exceptional contribution.

The awards will be presented on Australia Day, 26 January. Nominations can be made at the Citizenship Awards website. To be eligible, nominees must reside, work or volunteer principally within the City of Perth. Nominations close 31 October.

Nominate here