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Vision and Strategy

As per the City of Perth Act 2016 (Sect 8) and the Local Government Act 1995 (Sect 1.3), it is City of Perth’s responsibility to:

“… provide for the good government of persons in the City of Perth, including residents, ratepayers [residential & business properties] and visitors”


  • Using our “best endeavours to meet the needs of current and future generations through an integration of environmental protection, social advancement and economic prosperity”
  • Promoting “awareness of the facilities and events provided or facilitated by the City of Perth and encourage the community to make use of or participate in them”
  • Ensuring the City of Perth’s “continued role as a thriving centre of business with vibrant cultural and entertainment precincts”


  • Striking “an appropriate balance among the complementary and competing civic, economic, social, cultural and environmental considerations”; and
  • having due regard to the flow-on impact on the Perth metropolitan area."

The City has summarised this into its three strategic pillars, which is to ensure the city is liveable, sustainable and prosperous.

Strategic Pillars

City’s highest-level document, the Strategic Community Plan 2022 – 2032 as well as our subsidiary plans align to these pillars. Our strategy and plan documents provide transparency of our aims and further information on how the City intends to achieve these three pillars, while adapting our role as best relevant between service provider, partner, regulator, advocate and facilitator.


The City's strategies and plans are available 

The Strategic Position Statement list (below) provides our advocacy positions to state and federal governments and external parties.

While working in alignment to legislation and our three strategic pillars, the City has won many awards, including these listed below.

  • Strategic Position Statement

    As a capital city council, the Council of the City of Perth plays an important advocacy role on behalf of its constituents to state and federal levels of government, statutory authorities and other key sector agencies. Pursuant to this, at its Ordinary Meeting held 6 July 2021, Council established a set of 12 Strategic Position Statements for the City of Perth.

    The Strategic Position Statements are as follows:

    1. The Council encourages primary school facilities to be located within the City’s district to attract more families into the central City of Perth.
    2. The Council encourages the relaxation of constraints within the Commercial Tenancy (Retail Shops) Agreements Act 1985 to allow for leases under five years and to support small business development in the City’s district.
    3. The Council supports a significant reduction of the Perth Parking Levy annual bay costs to facilitate reductions in small business outgoings, encourage economic growth, and visitor attraction.
    4. The Council supports additions to the rail network within the City’s district to promote a reduction in private vehicle dependency.
    5. The Council welcomes development proposals through the State Government’s Unsolicited Bidding process to encourage renewal and regeneration of underutilised precincts within the City’s district.
    6. The Council supports the attraction of significant events which promote Perth at an international level. Events of State and/or Capital City significance that attract patrons and which deliver a return on investment to the City are encouraged by the Council.
    7. The Council is supportive of initiatives which contribute to the sustainable future of the City of Perth.
    8. The Council encourages 'Smart City' infrastructure and management initiatives to support evidence and metrics-based decision-making for the future direction of Perth.
    9. The Council supports interconnected and dedicated cycle infrastructure being located within the City’s district to reduce private vehicle dependency and promote an active lifestyle.
    10. The Council encourages a review of CAT bus routes within the City of Perth to ensure the best placement for stops to assist residents, businesses, and visitors to Perth.
    11. The Council is supportive of an Aboriginal Cultural Centre being established within the City of Perth.
    12. The Council supports the development of a long-term vision or Perth Masterplan to guide the growth of the built environment. The Council supports people-focused design that prioritises infrastructure, connections, amenity, liveability, inclusivity, and sustainability.
  • Awards

    Wellington Square

    • Award of Excellence for Parks & Open Space (Australian Institute of Landscape Architects WA, 2022)
    • Landscape Award for Cultural Heritage (Australian Institute of Landscape Architects WA, 2022)
    • Commendation for Precinct Rejuvenation/Civic Contribution (WAAA Awards for Excellence, 2022
    • Commendation for Best Leisure and Tourism Development (WA Property Awards, 2021)
    • Award for Analysis and Master Planning for the Wellington Square Enhancement (International Federation of Landscape Architects Asia Pacific, 2019)
    • Award for Landscape Planning for the Wellington Square Masterplan (Australian Institute of Landscape Architects WA, 2019)

    Wellington Square Playground

    • People’s Choice Award (Australian Institute of Landscape Architects WA Awards, 2022)
    • Landscape Award for Playspaces (Australian Institute of Landscape Architects WA Awards, 2022)
    • Best Playground (Parks and Leisure WA Award 2021; Parks and Leisure National Award, 2021)


    • Outstanding Group Award for the implementation of CEDREC - a modern recordkeeping SharePoint solution that is user-friendly and meets legislative requirements (Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia WA Branch Excellence Awards, 2022)
    • Commendation in the Most Accessible Community in Western Australia (MACWA) Award - Leadership category (2022)