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    Sustainability Hub

    Global thinking, local action

Sustainability is key to a better quality of life. Explore what we’re doing in the City of Perth to achieve more, together.


Our sustainability vision

Our goal is to sustain a thriving city where environmental, social and economic systems are in balance. We prioritise sustainability in all of our actions, understanding that without it, our actions will impose a cost on future generations.


We’re making important things happen right now.
There's plenty more coming, so look out for ways to get involved.

Making progress: our achievements so far

  • 80Olympic pools worth of water saved each year
  • 16,000trees under the city’s care
  • 100+smart irrigation controllers watering our parks
  • 1stcapital city to launch 10c refund point

Big changes start with small steps.
Our City is taking those now to become more sustainable. But we cannot get there alone. We need everyone to play their part and do their bit as we travel this path together.


See actions you can take to live and work more sustainably

  • Residents
  • Business owners
  • Community

1. Assess your apartment

Being sustainable doesn’t have to be expensive. We have funding available to help, see our Sustainable Building Grants program.

Micro greening in the City

2. Buy energy and water efficient appliances

Higher efficiency ratings help you save resources and reduce bills. Look for higher star ratings to judge how efficient an appliance is. Learn more about Energy and Water Rating Labels.


3. Dispose of your waste responsibly

Our City currently recycles around 22% of our waste. We can do much better. Help us save waste from landfill. Check out our Waste and Recycling Guide 2023-2024.

Waste Services

4. Be Waterwise

Get your garden ready for summer with free irrigation checks and rebates on weather-based irrigation controllers. Check out the waterwise offers.

Native garden at Council House in Perth

1. Electrify everything

It’s a great way to reduce your reliance on gas and work towards net zero emissions. Consider swapping gas appliances for electric where possible. Find out more about how you can Make the Switch.

Community Cafe

2. Invest in energy and water efficient appliances

Higher efficiency ratings could help you save resources and reduce the cost of bills, making your business more efficient too. The higher the star rating, the more efficient an appliance is. Look for more about energy and water rating labels below.

Water tap

3. Conduct an energy audit

It pays to be well informed and identify where you can make savings. Consider conducting an audit or engage an accredited energy auditor. This will help you better understand your business energy use and emissions.

Birdiya Drive

1. Move sustainably

Use public, active or micro mobility transport when you visit the City. Walking is always great, plus we recently launched a trial e-scooter share scheme, providing an alternative, sustainable way to get around.

escooters in the City of Perth

2. Educate yourself

It starts by knowing the key small changes we can all make to help our reduce our global footprint. Every effort counts. See the 16 steps you can take to make a world of difference when it comes to climate change.

City of Perth Library

3. Get involved in the community

Did you know Perth City Farm is an urban farm set on former industrial lands? There’s a market garden, living soil centre and recycling hub. Chat to the friendly team at City Farm and get involved today.

Perth City Farm