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Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony 2023


Becoming an Australian citizen means you can call Australia home with all the privileges and responsibilities of a person who was born here. It is a step that will enable you to say "I am an Australian". At the City of Perth we take great pride in helping our residents achieve this final step in becoming Australian citizens.

Becoming an Australian Citizen

If you plan to become an Australian citizen, visit the Department of Home Affairs website for guidance and advice on the process. Their website provides step by step guides, eligibility criteria and alternative pathway options for interested parties.

The Department of Home Affairs can arrange your citizenship application, interview, test and approval process.

Citizenship Ceremony

To be eligible to attend a Citizenship Ceremony at the City of Perth, you must reside within the City of Perth council boundary and have completed your application process with the Department of Home Affairs. 

Once your application has been approved, the Department of Home Affairs will send you a Letter of Approval. Details of approved candidates are sent to councils seven weeks before a ceremony date. Due to the processing times, it is likely that we have not received Conferees details as soon as you have been approved.

The City of Perth conducts regular Citizenship Ceremonies throughout the year with one of those being the Australia Day Ceremony. 

Citizenship Ceremonies consists of:

  • Welcome to Country
  • The Minister’s Message
  • Guest speech
  • Citizenship preamble
  • Pledge of Commitment
  • Presentation of citizenship certificates
  • Presiding Officer's speech
  • Affirmation by an Australian citizen
  • The Australian National Anthem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning for your Ceremony

  • Can I choose to attend a ceremony at the City of Perth, even if I don’t live within the council boundary?
    It is a requirement for candidates to only attend a Citizenship Ceremony with their residing Council. Department of Home Affairs will share your details with your local council only, as it is their responsibility to provide this service to you. Attending at your local council also provides the opportunity for you to meet and speak with your locally Elected Members and Government representatives. 
  • Can I attend my ceremony in another council area?
    No. Applicants for Australian citizenship must attend a citizenship ceremony in their local council area or a Departmental ceremony.
  • I have received my letter of approval. When can I attend a ceremony?
    The City of Perth is unable to provide you with a Ceremony date until we receive your details from the Department of Home Affairs that your citizenship has been approved. Once the City of Perth has received the Conferees list, you will be invited to the next scheduled Citizenship Ceremony.
  • How long will I have to wait before I get an invitation to my ceremony?

    Approved citizenship applications will be referred to local Councils in approval date order. Waiting times vary between three to six months. For an accurate wait times for Citizenship Ceremonies visit Ceremony wait times by council.

  • Is it possible to arrange a ceremony earlier than the next scheduled citizenship ceremony?
    Please direct the request of an urgent or private Ceremonies with Department of Home Affairs, including evidence to support your circumstances. Urgent or private ceremonies are reserved for candidates who require conferral of their Australian citizenship due to extenuating circumstances. The Department of Home Affairs is the approving authority and will assess each situation to determine whether a private/urgent ceremony is to be provided.
  • Where are the ceremonies held?

    Ceremonies regularly are held at:  

    Council House 
    27 St Georges Terrace 
    Perth WA 6000

  • What do I need to bring with me?

    You need to bring your invitation to the ceremony and one form of photo identification:

    • driver's licence
    • passport, or
    • an official document with a photograph

    If your documents are not in English, you must provide official translations.

    If you do not have photo identification, then bring at least three documents showing your name, address and signature:

    • bank statements
    • utility bills, or
    • credit card statements

    If you are under 16, you do not need to bring photo identification.

    If you want to make the Australian citizenship pledge on a holy book, bring a book with you to the ceremony.

  • What if I need to travel?
    If you wish to travel before your citizenship ceremony has been allocated to you, you must travel on your previous passport and permanent resident visa. If either of these has expired, you must get them renewed. You will not be given an emergency ceremony on the basis of an early passport or visa under any circumstances.

Attending the ceremony

  • What is the difference between Pledge 1 (Oath) and Pledge 2 (Affirmation)?

    There are two pledges, one that mentions God, Pledge 1 – Oath, and one that does not, Pledge 2 – Affirmation. You will receive your nominated Pledge card when you attend your Ceremony. Making the pledge is a public commitment to Australia. It means that you are accepting the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship.

    If you learn the meaning behind the pledge, you will begin to understand what Australian citizenship means.

    You will be asked to make your pledge in two groups, not individually.

    If you want to make the Australian citizenship pledge on a holy book, bring a book with you to the ceremony.

    Pledge 1 - The Oath:

    "From this time forward, under God,
    I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its people,
    whose democratic beliefs I share, 
    whose rights and liberties I respect, 
    and whose laws I will uphold and obey."

    Pledge 2 – The Affirmation:

    "From this time forward,
    I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its people, 
    whose democratic beliefs I share, 
    whose rights and liberties I respect,
    and whose laws I will uphold and obey."

  • Do I need to attend a ceremony to receive my certificate?

    It is a requirement for all Conferees to attend a Citizenship Ceremony and make their Pledge of Commitment out loud and in English with the presence of a Presiding Officer, in order to validate their Citizenship and receive their Certificate.

    Once you have confirmed your attendance to a Ceremony, the City of Perth will order your certificate from the Department of Home Affairs. Your Certificate will be presented to you at the Ceremony.

  • I have been invited to a ceremony, but I can’t attend on that date. What should I do?
    Please notify us of your unavailability and we will offer you the next scheduled Ceremony date. You have 12 months from the date of Approval date to attend a Ceremony.
  • How long does the citizenship ceremony take?
    The duration of a Citizenship Ceremony is up to 45 minutes.
  • May I bring guests along?
    Each Candidate is permitted one adult guest to attend the Ceremony. Children of candidates are welcome to attend the Ceremony and are not considered as a guest.
  • What is the dress code?
    The ceremony is an important event where you make a commitment to Australia. You and your guests should be dressed in formal or smart casual clothing, or your national or cultural dress, and groomed to reflect the significance of the occasion.
  • Can I take photographs?

    You are welcome to bring your own camera, however we ask that photographs are taken from where you and your guests are seated.

    If you wish to share your photos on social media, you may do so by using the hashtag #Auspledge

After your Ceremony

Contact Department of Home Affairs

Phone – 131 880

Email –