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Perth Parking Levy

City of Perth Q&A

The Office of the Auditor General Administration of the Perth Parking Levy Report:
Report-14_Administration-of-the-Perth-Parking-Levy.pdf (
1. What is the Perth Parking Levy?
The Perth Parking Levy is an annual fee paid by owners of 6 or more bays non-residential Perth car parking, as stipulated under the Perth Parking Management Act (1999).

The funds raised through the levy are to be used for transport related projects within Perth parking management area.

The levy has been in effect for over 20 years, with the funds now amassing approximately $192 million.
2. Who administers the funds and what are they for?
The funds are collected by the Department of Transport and are to be used to fund transport initiatives within the City of Perth, such as:

  • the CAT bus service
  • free transit zones
  • improve public transport access
  • enhance the pedestrian environment
  • support bicycle access
  • support a balanced transport system 

3. How much does the Perth Parking Levy cost?
The 2022/23 annual rates are for each car bay are as follows:

  • Short stay public and on street parking: $1,073/ per year
  • Long stay public parking: $1,164.20/ per year
  • Commercial buildings/short term tenant parking: $1,213.50/ per year

The City pays approximately $3.19 per day to the State Government for each bay.

4. Who pays the Perth Parking Levy?
The levy is usually paid by City of Perth property owners of commercial and retail properties.

The City of Perth pays almost 30% of the levy.

The City of Vincent also pays a small proportion of the levy.

5. How much does the City of Perth pay into the fund per year?
The City will pay approximately $17 million into the fund in 2022/23.

6. What is the City of Perth’s view on the OAG report?
The City of Perth welcomes the Office of Auditor General’s (OAG) report on the Perth Parking Management Account and notes the findings of the report and the associated recommendations.
7. What action is the City of Perth taking?
The City of Perth welcomes the opportunity to consult with the State Government regarding key transport initiatives within the City that would benefit greatly from the $192 million in the Perth Parking Levy fund.