The two-year trial began on Saturday, 18 March, and since then the City has been working closely with its service providers, Neuron and Bird, to ensure the scheme is running as smooth as possible.
Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas said the data provided to the City by Neuron and Bird shows the trial is off to a great start.
“In the past month the City’s public e-scooters have travelled a combined 90,000 kilometres, that’s more than two times the earth’s circumference. The average distance travelled per ride is about two kilometres,” Mr Zempilas said.
“The e-scooters are being used right across the City’s neighbourhoods, but early data is showing the CBD is by far the most popular place to hire and ride.
“While there’s been steady e-scooter usage during the working week, so far usage has been most popular on weekends.
“While the operators, Bird and Neuron, are responsible for the day-to-day running of this trial, the City keeps a close eye on how they’re tracking.
“As we’ve said all along, this is a trial and if changes are required to keep all path and road users safe then we won’t hesitate to make them. But so far, the information provided by the operators shows the trial is running well.”
There are strict legal requirements e-scooter riders right across the state must follow to keep themselves and fellow road and path users safe. These rules are enforced by WA Police.
On top of this, the City of Perth has further restrictions on e-scooter usage to make the trial even safer.
“No e-scooters, private or hired, can be ridden in the Murray or Hay Street Malls,” Mr Zempilas said.
All ESS e-scooters are also subject to additional no-ride zones and speed restrictions.
Visit the WA Road Safety Commission website for a full list of rules, and the City of Perth website for further information about the trial.

Issued by: Rachel Cary  94613394