Good afternoon
I wanted to take the opportunity to update you on the City of Perth’s Safe Night Space trial in East Perth.
Last Monday (31/5) the City of Perth opened a Safe Night Space for women. In the first eight nights of operation,  53 places were taken up.
That is, on 53 occasions, women who would otherwise have slept rough on our streets came in from the cold and spent the night safe and warm with a roof over their head.
Importantly, they have also been able to make a connection with the wrap around services provided or facilitated by RUAH.
As Lord Mayor I am proud the City of Perth is stepping up to help those people who are most vulnerable in our community.
Next month we will open a Safe Night Shelter for men.
Homelessness is a State Government responsibility.  We acknowledge the State Government has long-term plans, including the Common Ground facility, but in the meantime something needs to be done in the interim space for those people who are experiencing homelessness.
53 places in the first eight nights is a significant step forward for women experiencing homelessness.

Basil Zempilas
Lord Mayor - City of Perth