The Hon Paul Fletcher MP
Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts

The Hon Rita Saffioti MLA
WA Minister for Transport

Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas
Lord Mayor City of Perth 


Roe Street transformation to revitalise the CBD

Work is now underway to revitalise one of Perth’s oldest streets, Roe Street in Northbridge, as part of the $1.5 billion Perth City Deal plan. 

The $22 million Roe Street Enhancement Project will transform Roe Street from a car dominant corridor to a vibrant city destination, improving connectivity and transport options between Northbridge and the CBD.

Stretching from Fitzgerald Street to Stirling Street, the project will deliver separated space and wider footpaths for pedestrians, alfresco dining and protected uni-directional bike lanes increasing safety and encouraging more people to walk and ride throughout the city centre.

Other features of the Roe Street Enhancement Project include:

  • narrower street widths encouraging lower vehicle speeds, making it easier for pedestrians to cross;
  • new street trees to provide shade, urban cooling and greenery;
  • new street lighting and CCTV to improve public safety and support the night-time economy; and
  • new paving, street furniture and free public Wi-Fi to support activity.

Construction works are now underway and will be staged to reduce the impact on the city. 

The project is part of the $1.5 billion City Deal, a joint agreement between the Commonwealth, Western Australian Government and City of Perth. 

More than $100 million has been allocated towards cycling and walking connections in the Perth CBD, including the much anticipated Swan River Causeway Bridge. 

These upgrades will help encourage more people to consider cycling, walking or catching public transport through the Perth CBD. Funding will also be allocated towards programs that encourage more commuters to use active transport options, while helping to reduce vehicle traffic and congestion.

An animation of the Roe Street Enhancement Project is available here: 

Comments attributed to Federal Minister for Urban Infrastructure Paul Fletcher:
“The $1.5 billion Perth City Deal sees all levels of government investing in the future of this vibrant city by working together to deliver important projects such as this one, which will benefit the local community and visitors, and encourage more people into the CBD.

“The Morrison Government has committed $47.5 million specifically towards the CBD Transport Plan to improve active and public transport safety in Perth, and increase the attractiveness and sustainability of the city.”

Comments attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti:

“The Perth CBD has a lot of great and vibrant attractions and we want to encourage more people to walk and ride through the city centre. 

“The $22 million Roe Street Enhancement Project will revitalise one of the City’s oldest streets, making it more welcoming and accessible for cyclists and pedestrians.

“This builds on our commitment to upgrade and fill the gaps on our cycling network across the Perth CBD and broader Perth area.”

Comments attributed to Lord Mayor of the City of Perth Basil Zempilas: 

“One of our top priorities is to encourage more people back into the CBD to support our local businesses and encourage vibrancy. 

“The Roe Street Revitalisation project will transform the precinct between the CBD and Northbridge and marks the start of $1.5bn worth of investment in our CBD through the Perth City Deal.”  

Media contacts:
Minister Fletcher – Erin Forster 0448 207 414 
Minister Saffioti – Caitlin Goddard 0437 234 249
Lord Mayor Zempilas – Graham Mason  0427 638 751