Hello again, 

It's official, this is the biggest Christmas and summer season in the City in ten years. In fact, the City just witnessed the biggest December ever on record, and there's no need to take my word for it - it's all in the latest spend and foot traffic data.

Spend and foot traffic through the roof

🔼 Total spend for the City of Perth was $400M for December 2023 (an all-time record) – an increase of 19.1 per cent versus December 2022 where the total spend was $336M.

🔼 All up - more than one million people (approx. 1.25M) visited the City during December just gone. The corresponding figure for December 2022 was 900,000.

The City was the place to be this Christmas

These record numbers were boosted by our festive events programs which proved once again that Christmas lives here, in the City of Light:

🔼 The Rio Tinto Christmas Lights Trail saw its own record all-time attendance, up 18.5 per cent on last year to 460,000 people (up from 384,000 in 2022).

🔼 New Year's Eve at Elizabeth Quay presented by Roy Hill saw 50,000 spectators, up a staggering 50 per cent versus December 2022.

🔼 The Carnival Amusements Elizabeth Quay Fun Fair and Cardile Fireworks Light Shows pulled 120,000 visitors this season, up 30 per cent on 2022.

🔼 And Carols in the Park presented by True North was up 50 per cent on 2022, drawing a capacity 12,000 people at Supreme Court Gardens.

Number one in the nation

These are extraordinary numbers for Perth and I couldn’t be prouder. On a per capita basis on every measure, total spend, people numbers and office occupancy, Perth was the number one capital city in Australia during December.

Coming out of COVID people were trying to tell me the city was finished, now we’re number one in the country. More than 1.2 million visitors in December.