Pop Up Accommodation for Rough Sleepers

Everyone in our community is aware that homelessness is a major issue and sadly our recent Rough Sleeper count shows that numbers have grown 50% in six months.

It can’t continue.  It’s not fair to people experiencing homelessness and it’s not fair to our City. Homelessness is a State Government responsibility but there appears to be no interim solution.  

We’ve been patient but remain frustrated, especially following the State Government announcement of a 100-bed interim facility only to be followed by the news that no lease for that building was in place. And still we wait.  

Winter is coming and now is the time for action. Last night Council unanimously passed a Motion to investigate a trial to utilise an unused night time space as pop-up accommodation for rough sleepers in the CBD.

There’s an organisation called Beddown doing it in Brisbane.  We can do something similar here.

The City will report back next month on how this could be achieved. And it will form part of our Councillor Bain’s Rough Sleeper Action Plan and compliment the safe night time space for women and children at the Rod Evans Centre which opens next month.

Real action from the City of Perth for those most vulnerable in our community.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Councillors for unanimously supporting the Beddown-style initiative.

Wellington Square

The feedback on the new look Wellington Square which we launched last month has been amazing.  The playground, the skate park, the space in general is something the City has been crying out for and is now the envy of all capital cities.  

Visitation is up, anti-social behaviour is down and to keep that momentum rolling I was proud to move a motion to waive fees for community groups wishing to hold any future events at Wellington Square.  

We were all elected on a commitment to strive for unique people focused events and attractions in our City, and to make it easier for those events to be held. 

We want people in our community to bring their event to Wellington Square and by removing the fees, we now allow them to stage the best possible event they can, in Perth’s best new open space at Wellington Square.
Malls Refresh

Our two malls in the City are the heart of our shopping precinct, so I was delighted the Council approved a refresh plan.  It’s all about improving the malls, giving them some character, improving safety and making people want to spend more time there.

Over the next few months you’ll see some new colourful furniture, lanewall murals, suspended artworks and some general love returned to our malls.  All designed to add character and make the malls more inviting and comfortable for all ages.

And finally …

Next month Council will hold its May Council Meeting at midday.  We realise that not everyone can attend at the traditional 5pm time, so if you want to see your City of Perth Council in operation … make a lunch time date for Tuesday May 25 … you’re all welcome to attend.