Aligning with the COVID-19 Economic Rebound Strategy, the City’s COVID-19 Grants and Sponsorship Program has been developed to ensure Perth is positioned to rebound quickly and to support the future wellbeing and prosperity of our city.

“We want to see local businesses recover, rebound and prosper, as well as driving visitation and tourism into the city in ways that are safe,” Chair Commissioner Andrew Hammond said.

“We want to enhance vibrancy and activation in the city, ensuring there is ‘always something on in the city’, while increasing community wellbeing, community connection and social cohesion.”

Community wellbeing is a core focus of the program as the City recognises that community-led programs build strong and resilient communities.

Investment in events, arts and cultural activities is critical to the future wellbeing and prosperity of our city and will ensure Perth is recognised as a vibrant and dynamic capital city.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the City also supported various small businesses through Quick Response Small Business Grants, which is now one of four Quick Response Grants that the City will be rolling out in response to the crisis.

These grants provide up to $5000 in urgent support to a range of businesses, community groups and organisations.

One tangible example of the positive impact made by the quick response programs is the support provided to local business Bodysmart.   

In March, Bodysmart Health's customer visits decreased by 80 per cent. The City’s Quick Response Small Business grant enabled Bodysmart Health to purchase additional equipment to offer new specialist, online services including live streamed exercise and ergonomic assessments.

“This has allowed Bodysmart to get through the current survival phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, adapt to new customer needs, and comply with Federal, State and local government directions on social isolation,” Bodysmart Health Owner Mike Masiello said.

“This project has enabled us to retain our staff of 15 and provide essential health and injury recovery services to our Perth customers.”

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