The ‘Northbridge Sign’ was proposed by Happy Heart - the company behind The Rechabite on William Street - to improve the Northbridge neighbourhood and enhance the precinct.

“The proposed Northbridge Sign is a simple initiative to provide an immediate impact to the William Street precinct, assisting local businesses and making it a more vibrant, attractive and enticing place to visit and spend time in,” Chair Commissioner Andrew Hammond said.

“As such, we’re very happy to support the Northbridge Sign initiative and cannot wait to see it in situ.”

Inspired by the internationally recognised VENICE sign that spans across the entry to Venice Beach, California, the Northbridge Sign is planned to provide an immediate defining symbol of the precinct and its unique identity.

The proposed Northbridge Sign will be constructed from individual 3D suspended letters with LED lighting, readable from towers on St Georges Terrace and by pedestrians entering Northbridge from Yagan Square.

“It’s great the City of Perth is getting behind projects that add life, light and colour to the precinct – quite literally in the case of the new Northbridge Sign,” Happy Heart founder Marcus Canning said.

“It’s a sign that the lights are back on for Northbridge. It will serve as a constant reminder that no matter what challenges the neighbourhood faces, we’ll always get through them together and come out the other side stronger and brighter.”

Happy Heart plans for accelerated production and installation of the sign to provide a ‘lights back on’ moment.

The aim will be to provide a ‘surprise and delight’ event for the neighbourhood and promote confidence in a bright future for Northbridge and its businesses.

“We love the idea of the sign and the positive message it sends. The timing couldn’t be any better to get people excited about returning back to the heart of culture,” Chico Gelato’s Chez De Bartolo said.

“I think this is a great idea, go hard. Seems like there is a great new way of thinking at City of Perth which is encouraging,” Universal Bar’s Trevor Candido said.

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