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Tenders and expressions of interest

The City of Perth aims to provide quality services to our community and stakeholders that represent the best value for money. To ensure fairness and transparency, the City has policies and processes for managing purchasing and tenders that meet the requirements of the Local Government Act 1995 and the Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations 1996.

This page enables you to get the latest information on tenders and expressions of interest that are currently being advertised, have closed or have been awarded.

The City of Perth uses electronic tendering

Electronic tendering benefits

  • It means that you will be able to receive notifications of advertised City of Perth Tenders and Expressions of Interest (EOI) if you are registered with Tenderlink
  • You will also submit your Tender or EOI through Tenderlink via an Electronic Tender Box
  • Using an Electronic Tender Box means that the City does not receive Tenders or EOI in hard copy that are hand delivered, mail or couriered or submitted by means of facsimile transmission or electronic mail – these will not be accepted

January - June 2021 Tenders

Previous Tenders

All enquiries should be directed to the City of Perth Contracts Team on (08) 9461 3247.

  • About our tender and expressions of interest service

    City of Perth utilises TenderLink as an e-tendering service to streamline the tendering, expression of interest and formal quotation processes with the ability for prospective suppliers to download documentation direct from this site after registration.

    If you need to register please follow the guidelines for using the City of Perth electronic portal for tenders and quotations. Registration is free. Enquiries or issues with registration may be referred directly to TenderLink Customer Support on 1800 233 533 or

  • Electronic tendering

    City of Perth suppliers can submit their responses to tenders and expressions of interest to a secure Electronic Tender Box (ETB) via the TenderLink website. Please refer to the Guidelines on making a submission to an electronic tender box.

  • Guidelines for using Tenderlink for Tenders & Quotations

    The portal is managed by To obtain documentation and also respond to requests for tender, Expressions of Interest (EOI) or requests for quotation you will need to be a registered supplier. Issuing requests and receiving submissions through the portal will speed up the process and reduce time and resources for suppliers and the City.

    Subscribing to the portal: If you are not already a subscriber to TenderLink you will need to register. This registration is once only and is free.

    To register, follow the link below:

    Registration will allow you to:

    • Receive automated notification via email of public EOI or tenders that the City advertises. Be sure to select the appropriate profile when setting up your registration to receive the relevant notifications.
    • Receive select quotations from the City.
    • Access to the documentation and view or download electronically.
    • Deliver your submission and offer through a secure Electronic Tender Box (ETB) Facility

    Customer support

    Any questions that arise during your registration or in setting your profile and industry category, please contact TenderLink directly.

    Officers at the City of Perth are bound by the Local Government Act 1995, Regulations, Council Policy 9.7, the City’s Code of Conduct and Statement of Business Ethics in all activities relating to procurement.

    For any queries please contact the Contracts section at the City on (08) 9461 3247.