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Honouring Aunty Doolann Leisha Eatts

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are respectfully advised that this page contains images of people who have passed away. Their contribution and legacy is valued and continues to inform the City’s initiatives. Note – Permission was granted by the Eatts family for the use of this photograph from the Moorditj Bridyas exhibition.

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We recently said goodbye to Maam-yok (Aunty) Doolann Leisha Eatts, a founding member of our Elders Advisory Group. 

Aunty Leisha was an active member of her community, running cultural programs in schools and teaching language classes. Recognised in 2001 as NAIDOC Female Elder of the Year, Aunty’s legacy and story will live on her books, including her autobiography. 

We are incredibly grateful for the advice, patience and generosity shared by Aunty.

Tomorrow (29 April), on the day of the funeral, the flags will be lowered to half-mast. 

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