Turning an unused space into an area of public amenity and vibrancy, the new space between Barrack and Pier Streets includes a three aside basketball court, ping pong table and elements suitable for skating.

Outdoor furniture, seating and shade will provide respite for those wanting to take a more relaxed approach.

The project is part of the City’s minor urban intervention movement helping to energise and most importantly, humanise our city’s leftover spaces and reinvigorate the existing.

“The idea of these small urban interventions has been referred to as urban acupuncture – seeing the city as a living and breathing organism with areas needing healing or repair,” City of Perth Chair Commissioner Andrew Hammond said.

“The City of Perth, like many cities around the world, is using imaginative, small interventions to socially enrich city spaces and further extend their point of difference.”

The Wellington Street basketball court joins other bright and vibrant basketball courts throughout the City of Perth and beyond.

The below courts are just a few that can be discovered in and around the City’s boundary.

Elizabeth Quay Basketball Court

Located on the Esplanade, Elizabeth Quay boasts a great location for a game or two of basketball. Last year, the courts received a beautiful and bold coat of paint thanks to Brighton artist Lois O’Hara.

Donnie Taco Basketball Courts

Free for daytime play and close to Kings Park, Donnie Taco is the perfect place for a morning or afternoon of shooting hoops.

Weld Square

Weld Square in Northbridge features a small but useful basketball court for some lunchtime hoops.

Mardalup Park

Nestled between Graham Farmer Freeway and Claisebrook cove is a top-secret Perth park. Built on the former East Perth Gas Works site, Mardalup Park is right on the river's edge. Shoot some hoops at the basketball court while the kids play on the playground.

McCallum Park

With plenty of shady trees to relax under, McCallum Park provides the perfect location for a couple of basketball games before taking to the trees for a rest and recoup.

Issued by: Brooke Hunter, Strategic Communications Advisor, 0448 610 834, brooke.hunter@cityofperth.wa.gov.au