Hello again,

Today the City of Perth Council approved the 2022/23 Budget and it gives me great pleasure, on behalf of my fellow Councillors, to share the highlights with you.

As I outline in the video below our city-shaping $261.9 million budget delivers all the services and projects our community expects.

At the same time, I'm pleased to say through sound financial management, we have kept rate increases to a minimum - a responsible rise of just 0.5% for commercial, retail and hotel/short stay properties and 1% for office and residential ratepayers.

This represents one of the lowest rate rises in the metro area, is the first increase in three years, well below inflation and compares extremely favourably with rises in State Government charges and other rising costs like petrol and energy.

This budget forms a financially prudent plan which will help re-energise our City, deliver on the evolving needs of our community and ensure we are financially sustainable well into the future.

Highlights include: 

As always, I value your direct feedback, please feel free to contact me at basil.zempilas@cityofperth.wa.gov.au

And I'll see you in the City.


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