The reports should contain information, commentary and advice from the administration on the following:

  • The predicted impacts of COVID-19 at that time based upon advice from the WA Chief Health Officer and the State Government COVID-19 Roadmap;
  • The lead time required for each event to be effectively planned and delivered;
  • The financial risks involved in proceeding with project planning and securing contracts for goods and services if, as a result of COVID-19, the events do not proceed;
  • Alternatives for the delivery of similar events of a smaller scale should the current uncertainty on the future impacts of COVID-19 reduce lead times for planning and the procurement of goods and services;
  • The history of each event including patronage, changes to event scope, the cost to the City and contributions from project partners / sponsors;
  • The economic return of each event in comparison to other City delivered events;
  • The social benefit of each event;
  • Alignment with State Government Post COVID-19 recovery plans;
  • Community and stakeholder feedback, including WA Police;

“These are three events that have been taking place for many, many years and therefore require in my view a greater depth of analysis and consideration than would be afforded other matters within the COVID-19 Economic Rebound Strategy” said Chair Commissioner Andrew Hammond.
The June Council meeting will be held on Tuesday June 30 at 5.00pm.
Issued by Ben Fitzpatrick, Alliance Manager Marketing and Communications, 0417 952 495