The City of Perth’s Environmental Health Officers implement a range of measures to protect residents and visitors to the City from the risk of an influx of spawning larvae during the current peak mosquito season.

Registered treatment solutions have been applied to Pelican Point and Heirisson Island, with fortnightly trapping and weekly visual checks completed at both locations to monitor treatment success and any need for reapplication.

Trapping allows officers to determine the success of the treatments and to identify prevalent mosquito species (some bite more than others!). Tides are also watched closely and - when combined with regular visual larval activity checks - enable officers to determine when re-treatment is required. 

The aim is to minimise the number of mosquitoes that reach adulthood, so reducing the community’s potential exposure to viral infections. This also ensures an enjoyable outdoor experience for residents and visitors to Perth. 

However, eradication of mosquitoes is not part of our plan. We know that traditional fogging methods are harmful to the environment and kill many other insects that are important for a healthy ecosystem.

Our measures complement the WA Health Department’s Fight the Bite campaign, which encourages West Australians to protect themselves against mosquito bites.

The City’s Mosquito Management Plan provides more information on how we manage mosquitoes, in collaboration with neighbouring councils and the WA Health Department.