The recommendation also affects the City’s Nativity and New Year’s Eve events in December 2020.

Our event partner, the City of South Perth, understands the recommendation to not go ahead with Skyworks due to COVID-19 uncertainties.

Even with further restrictions being eased on gatherings between now and the event date in January 2021, there remains a high risk that events the size of Skyworks will be inappropriate to stage due to potential public health risks that large crowds pose.

Additionally, the City of Perth Skyworks event takes more than 10 months to plan to ensure the event is safe, accessible and enjoyable for the whole community. Waiting until late 2020 to decide whether to go ahead would be a significant risk to the finances of both Councils and provide insurmountable issues for other event stakeholders, especially given the current economic climate.

As many can understand, the current COVID-19 circumstance has placed significant economic pressure on all tiers of government. In working to support businesses, ratepayers and residents impacted by COVID-19 and to help the economy recover in the long-run, the City’s revenue and expenditure is being shifted to more urgent needs and priorities of our local and regional community.

Consequently, current stakeholder feedback has been to not go ahead with the City of Perth Skyworks 2021 as part of the long-term recovery planning for the City post COVID-19 with the resources diverted to other priorities.

The City of Perth will be working on a targeted events and activations program in line with Federal Government restrictions to ultimately help the CBD recover. It is hoped the program will replace the one-off Skyworks event this year.

Upon commencement in late October 2020, the new City of Perth Council will determine if Skyworks, the Christmas Nativity and New Year’s Eve events return in 2021/22.