The 10th Light Horse Regiment will be granted entry to the City of Perth, on Saturday 25 March, at a ceremonial spectacle that will see 120 soldiers march in full military attire, complete with weapons, horses and armoured tanks.

City of Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas said the 10th Light Horse Regiment is steeped in West Australian history, with ties to the State going back to 1862.

“The mounted infantry regiment came to existence at the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914, first seeing action at Gallipoli with further military campaigns in Sinai, Palestine, Jordan and Syria,” Mr Zempilas said.

The origin of Freedom of Entry dates back to Ancient Rome, where it was an offence for legions to enter walled cities without permission. Granting Freedom of Entry was a show of trust in a military unit to be able enter with swords drawn, drums beating, colours flying and band playing.

“In these more modern times, a Freedom of Entry no longer conveys legal rights but it remains the highest honour a city can bestow on the Australian Defence Force,” Mr Zempilas said.

“The City of Perth’s decision to grant Freedom of Entry solidifies our connection with the 10th Light Horse Regiment and its integral link to our past, and therefore, our future.”

Following formalities in Cathedral Square, the regiment will march along Hay Street, briefly halting outside the Perth Town Hall where the City Marshall (WA Police Force) will challenge its right of entry. The parade will then continue along Hay Street Mall and conclude at William Street.

Commanding Officer of the 10th Light Horse Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Wright said that the regiment is honoured to be granted this privilege. 

“Today we express our appreciation to the local community, in which our soldiers live, work and train, for granting this privilege for the first time in our 108-year history,” Lieutenant Colonel Wright said. 

“The Army has been supported by the community in Western Australia since before World War I and that support is essential for us to do what we do and continues still today. We are so proud to call this city our home.”

City of Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas said the parade will be an impressive sight.

“This is a unique opportunity to see the 10th Light Horse Regiment in full military attire in all its glory on the streets of our CBD.

“The parade is not to be missed – I encourage residents, businesses and families to line the streets and take part in this historic occasion,” Mr Zempilas said.

Date: Saturday, 25 March
Time: 11.30am
Where: Cathedral Square – Hay Street Mall 
Who: CEO, as Town Clerk, will present the Freedom of Entry scroll.
Lord Mayor, as Reviewing Officer, will inspect the regiment and receive the salutes.
Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Wright, of the 10th Light Horse Regiment.
Assistant Commissioner Brad Royce, WA Police Force will act as City Marshall and will perform the Challenge.

Interview between City of Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas and Commanding Officer of the 10th Light Horse Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Wright.

Parade Route and Road Closures