Containers for Change is Western Australia’s state-wide container deposit scheme, which provides the community with a way to save their 10c containers from landfill, and to either keep or donate the 10c per container refund. 

The City of Perth’s refund point, located at 8 Aberdeen Street, was the first capital city refund point in Australia.

“Since Containers for Change started one year ago, the refund point has processed an impressive 5,561,538 containers, which keeps them out of landfill and off our beautiful streets. This equates to $556,153 back to the people of Perth, and we understand this has become an income stream for many of the more vulnerable members of our community,” City of Perth CEO Michelle Reynolds said. 

“It’s amazing to see the positive influence Containers for Change has had on the community, with 92 organisations registered to the refund point, customers are able to donate the earnings from their containers straight to their favourite charity, school or not for profit,” said Ms Reynolds. 

Throughout the year, nominated charities, schools and not for profits have received over $11,745 from the City of Perth’s Aberdeen Street refund point. 

To mark the anniversary of Containers for Change there’ll be displays and information booths around the city throughout October.

In order to return and recycle containers and get the 10-cent refund at the Aberdeen Street refund point, visitors and residents need to sign up for a Containers for Change scheme ID, which allows refunds to be paid directly into their bank account. Alternatively, people can use the scheme ID of their preferred charity or community group to directly donate their refund.

All containers marked with the "10c refund" branding can be returned to any of WA's 253 refund points around the state.

For more information visit the Containers for Change website.

Issued by: Grace Carr, Communications Advisor, 0459 962 359,