The statue weighs 1,365kg and is made from carbon fibre and steel with a silver-based chrome finish. It will be personalised for Perth with the City of Light brand.
The unique American artist has only previously commissioned four ‘spaceman’ statues - all of them major tourist attractions in London, Oslo, Dubai and Antigua.
Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas said Mr Murphy was so taken by Perth’s City of Light origin story that he offered to create and donate a statue to the City of Perth for free.
“It’s such a great fit for Perth, our City of Light origin story and astronaut John Glenn. I’m not surprised Brendan Murphy thought of us instantly,” Mr Zempilas said.
“It’s an incredible opportunity to be able to bring what would be a real tourist attraction which fits the story of Perth to our City. Based on how popular the other four statues are, I’m sure we’d have people from all over the world coming to see it and be photographed next to it.
“We have an ideal temporary location for it - in front of Council House near the kangaroo statues - and then when Elizabeth Quay comes back to the City in the next year or so, it be a great permanent location for the 7m statue.
“I’m pleased Council supported my Motion and I’m sure this will be a real statement piece for our City of Light.”
The statues usually sell for US$1million (approx AUD$1.5million) but the cost for the City’s ‘spaceman’ statue is only for transportation and installation, estimated to be between S150,000 and $250,000.
Lord Mayor Zempilas said the price of transporting and installing the statue was a small price to pay for a world class attraction for the City.
Oslo was the most recent city to have the giant ‘spaceman’ statue installed, in November last year in the city centre. 
It is anticipated the installation of the statue will coincide with Brendan Murphy’s exhibition at Gullotti Galleries in Perth later this year.


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