City grant funds rainbow connection

Connections Nightclub is a Northbridge institution and used its City Business Improvement Grant to erect a giant illuminated rainbow above the iconic club.

Venue owner Tim Brown said the sign, which measures 4 metres by 6 metres, was not just to promote the club but was also an important place marker for the nightclub district.

“As well as it being a symbol of the gay community, it’s also a symbol for hope and rebirth, regarding COVID and the revitalisation of Northbridge,” Mr Brown said.

The sign is on top of the original James Street Connections building, facing the WA Art Gallery. Connections, which opened in 1975, now spreads across two buildings and was the first City venue to open a rooftop terrace, about 10 years ago.

Mr Brown said the club’s $17,500 grant, which the business matched, meant the realisation of a project that was planned years ago.

“We’ve worked very closely with the City of Perth over the years and it’s been great to work on such an important and symbolic project together,” Mr Brown said.

“The general community, the Pride community - all parties - worked together to get a result. It’s been very much about community at several levels.”