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Bringing urban greening to our streets and projects

City streets with continuous, high quality canopy cover can be 10 degrees cooler than those with no trees. The City of Perth is incorporating urban greening into our major projects. It’s all part of our Urban Forest Plan that was adopted in 2016. This is what we have been doing :

Wellington Square

  • Revitalisation here has added 350 new trees.
  • Nearly 60% canopy cover is expected when trees mature.
  • Increased levels of biodiversity achieved with 30,000+ new plants and shrubs, including bush tucker.
  • New lower level planting undertaken to help create new habitats for wildlife.
  • Replacing grass with planted beds has helped reduce water use by 36%.
  • Establishment of a rain garden with water tolerant species, helps manage stormwater and flood risk.

East End Revitalisation Project

  • Planted over 90 new trees, some in streets where none previously existed (Irwin and Pier).
  • Included WA native shrubs and groundcovers in specially designed planters to support biodiversity in the city.
  • Used Water Sensitive Urban Design to capture stormwater as additional water for trees and to improve water quality
  • Trial site for innovative tree planting methods to maximise tree health and establishment.

Roe Street Enhancement

  • Planted 200 new street trees in one of the City's most challenging growing environments.
  • Once established, tree canopy cover will help cool one of the hottest streets in the City.


To find out more read our Urban Forest Plan. See the addendum here



That's just one of many steps we are taking in our sustainability journey

Together we can make a greener and more sustainable city for all to enjoy. Check out some of our other projects.