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Perth City

Five facts about Perth’s urban forest

Our urban forest statistics do not include the expansive Kings Park, one of the world’s largest inner-city parks.

1. We’ve had an Urban Forest Plan since 2016

The City’s plan provides a clear roadmap for how we’ll protect and grow a healthy, resilient urban forest. We are aiming to increase our canopy cover across streets, parks and public spaces to 30% by 2036.

2. We care for over 16,000 street and parkland trees

Since the City of Perth adopted the Urban Forest Plan, we have added a further 2,000 trees to our urban forest. More information can be on the Engage Perth website here. 

3. Native trees make up over 65% of our urban forest

We have a range of trees across the City’s urban forest. The most abundant group is Eucalyptus trees, with over 40 different species.

4. Our trees are valued at over $100 million

The City of Perth’s trees deliver social, environmental, and economic benefits to us all. That’s why they are so highly valued ($100m+) and form a significant part of our broader sustainability focus.

5. Our trees store almost 10,000 tonnes of carbon

Trees remove carbon dioxide from the environment. The City of Perth’s 16,000 amazing street and parkland trees are responsible for storing a huge 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.


Read more in our Urban Forest Plan. See the addendum here.



That's just one of many steps we are taking in our sustainability journey

Together we can make a greener and more sustainable city for all to enjoy. Check out some of our other projects.