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Solar panels at Pier Street carpark

Sustainable solar boost for the City of Light

A network of 256 solar panels has been installed on top of the City of Perth Pier Street carpark to produce and store enough energy to cover more than half the carpark’s total energy requirements.

The City of Perth’s largest ever solar project is up and running.

The Photovoltaic (PV) system will not only help cut carbon emissions but is on track to save the City around $400,000 every year on electricity costs. In just four years the system will have paid for itself.  

Eliminating an estimated 114 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year

The top-rated system stores 40kW hours of power using three onsite Tesla II Powerwall batteries and will eliminate an estimated 114 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year. That’s about the same as taking 50 cars off the road. In addition to this, the system has the capacity to produce even more energy in the future, to feed back into the grid, if permitted.

The third of its kind

The PV project is the third of its kind in the City, with smaller existing systems at CPP Elder Street and the City’s Osborne Park depot. The City is looking at further opportunities to install PVs on other City buildings in the future.

The amount of power generated by the City’s PV systems can be viewed in real time on the website here.

Charging bays at your disposal

The City has also installed two electric vehicle charging bays on level 8 of the Pier St carpark to be used by drivers free of charge. This is all part of the City's commitment towards a more sustainable City. Sustainability is one of the strategic pillars that guides the City's decision making to ensure it is delivering the best outcomes for our residents, ratepayers, and visitors.


That's just one of many steps we are taking in our sustainability journey

Together we can make a greener and more sustainable city for all to enjoy. Check out some of our other projects.