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Small Business Bounce Back Grants

Perth Bounce Back

Perth Bounce Back is a program of initiatives developed by the City of Perth to support businesses who are doing it tough during COVID-19.

Stage 1 

The City launched the program in February with three initiatives: 

The first phase was well received with 18 businesses approved for grants to date, thousands of people taking advantage of our parking offers and several businesses applying for alfresco dining. 

Stage 2

The second phase of Perth Bounce Back builds on the success of the first round and has been designed to support businesses as COVID restrictions ease and people return to the City. 

It also includes measures to encourage people to return and ensure the City is vibrant and activated when they do. 

The key initiatives of the second phase of Perth Bounce Back include: 

We’re also promoting other City of Perth parking deals such as 3-HOURS free on weekends and $11 all day parking during the week. *

The City of Perth aims to engage and work with businesses in the City of Perth local government area who are contributing to Perth’s vibrancy, sustainability, growth and employment prospects.

*Only available at selected car parks.