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Outdoor Dining Permit

Food businesses wishing to operate an outdoor dining area on public land (eg. footpath) are required to obtain an Outdoor Dining Permit from the City of Perth. Outdoor Dining areas are subject to compliance with the City’s Outdoor Dining local law.

If you are having difficulties applying online, please complete this form and return to

Key Details

Service TypeBusinesses
What you need
  • Public Liability Insurance for $20 million
  • Applied for a Food Business Registration with the City of Perth
  • The person completing this application needs to be either the owner or manager of the business i.e. someone that we can talk with regarding making sure your outdoor dining area meets with the requirements
  • Please refer to the Outdoor Dining Quick Reference guide (see left in downloads) to know what you need to comply with for this permit
  • Complete the Outdoor Dining Application form
Eligibility requirements

To be eligible to apply for an outdoor dining permit, applicants need to:

  • Be a registered food business within the City of Perth
  • Public Liability Insurance for $20 million
  • Have clear and unobstructed access and views onto the public place where the outdoor dining area is proposed
  • Have a suitable area within the building or leased area to store any outdoor dining area furniture at the close of each day's trade
  • Read the Quick Reference Guidelines (see left in downloads) to ensure you are compliant with the City's objectives
FeesEffective 1st February 2019. There is no charge for an Outdoor Dining Permit.

Applicable Law

Outdoor Dining Local Law 2019


  • Upon successful completion of this process, you will receive a temporary provisional approval, valid for two months, while your permit is being assessed
  • As part of the approval process, a City of Perth Officer will be in contact with you within 10 days to arrange an inspection
  • If you have further questions please contact 08 9461 3333 and or email


Further information from the FAQ’s can be found in the Outdoor Dining Guidelines

  • What is the City's appeal process

    Under the provisions of the Outdoor Dining Local Law 2019, an affected person may have the right to object to, or to appeal against, the decision of the local government or an authorised person.

    The City's appeal process is:
    1. Submit your objections, in writing, to the Manager Health and Activity Approvals;
    2. If you are not happy with the response from the Manager Health and Activity Approvals, you may choose to refer your objections to the City’s internal ombudsman service;
    3. If you are still not happy with the response that you have received, you may submit an appeal to the State Administrative Tribunal.

  • Do I need an Outdoor Dining permit?

    Any outdoor dining area on public land and City owned and leased land within the City of Perth, must have a valid permit under the Outdoor Dining Local Law 2019.

  • What’s the difference between Alfresco and Outdoor Dining?

    Technically they are the same thing, it's just a change in the terminology used to describe an outside eating area. The latest law in the City of Perth is called Outdoor Dining Local Law, which has replaced the old Alfresco Dining Local Law 2009.

  • What furniture am I allowed?

    Please refer to the Quick reference Guide, and the full Guidelines to determine what is appropriate for your particular area. Once you have applied for a permit, only temporary furniture is allowed until such time your application is assessed. NO permanent fixtures are to be installed until the City has given permission to do so.

  • Are you allowed to smoke in Outdoor Dining areas?

    Smoking is not permitted in Outdoor Dining areas.

  • Can I leave my furniture out overnight?

    Outdoor dining areas shall not be set up prior to the time specified on the permit. All furniture, including umbrellas, canvas screens and planter boxes, must be removed from the outdoor dining area and stored inside at the close of business each day, unless otherwise permitted by the City.

  • What does pedestrian clearance mean?

    Pedestrian clearance means an unobstructed amount of space to allow free flow and access to the footpath for the public. The permit holder must ensure the furniture and other items in the area do not impede pedestrian flow or access.

  • Can I have advertising in my Outdoor Dining area?

    Advertising is not permitted, please refer to page 31 of the Guidelines.

  • Who cleans the outdoor dining area?

    It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure the outdoor area is clean and must be regularly monitored by staff to ensure the footpath is maintained to a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene, and presents a well-maintained image.