Are you Prepared Perth? 

Most people are aware of bush fire risks in the hills or cyclones in the Pilbara, but do you ever think about emergencies occurring in the city? 

Emergency events can happen anywhere, anytime and can have many causes including fire, flood, storm, heatwave, major crashes or loss of services such as power or water. 

How could such events affect you, your home, family, pets or your business?

If you have put off thinking about such questions, you are not alone. The City of Perth has prepared the Are you Prepared Perth? emergency education program to help you get started in preparing for the unexpected.

Learn more about emergency preparation and how to respond, through the animations and print resources now available at Are You Prepared Perth?

Are You Prepared Perth? is funded by the State Government though the AWARE (All West Australians Reducing Emergencies) program and proudly prepared by the City of Perth Community Safety team.