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Community safety and surveillance

The City aspires for Perth to be known as a liveable, sustainable, and prosperous city. With the goal of making the City of Perth the destination of choice to visit, work, study, shop and, live.

While the City of Perth and partner agencies play a vital role in community safety, we cannot do this alone. We all play a crucial role in maintaining our own safety and that of others. Therefore, it is up to all of us to work together to build safety and crime resilience, encouraging incident reporting, and to promote a safe city.

Below you will find information about personal and community safety, reporting methods, CCTV Surveillance, and creating your safer spaces.

See it, say it. Safe City. Call 9461 3333


000 for emergencies     131 444 General Police Assistance

  • Calling for help?

    Calling the right service, at the right time, for the right reason can save you time and ensure the right help is received quickly. 

    Need Help? Phone
    ServiceEmergencies (Police, Fire, Ambulance)  Phone000
    ServiceGeneral Police Assistance Phone131 444
    ServiceCrime Stoppers (Report Crime Anonymously Phone1800 333 000
    ServiceGraffiti Reporting Phone131 444
    ServiceDFES Emergency WA Warnings & Incidents Phone13 3337 
    ServiceBOM Local Weather Warnings Phone1300 659 210 
    ServiceNational Security Reporting Phone1800 123 400 
    ServiceWestern Power Emergencies & Incidents  Phone131 351 
    ServiceATCO Gas Emergencies & Faults Phone131 352 
    ServiceWater Corporation Faults  Phone131 375 


    Need Advice or Information? Phone
    ServiceBureau of Metrology (Weather Advice Phone1300 754 389
    ServiceMain Roads WA (Road Conditions) Phone138 138
    ServiceNeighborhood Watch (Crime Prevention Advice Phone(08) 9222 1513
    ServiceCity of Perth Services Phone(08) 9461 3333
    ServiceCity of Perth CCTV Enquiry  Phone(08) 9461 6611
  • Who to contact for your issue? 

    Rangers are on duty seven days a week and work closely with police but do not act as a replacement. In an emergency or to report a crime always contact the police.

    The City has created a poster with contact information for reporting, or for posting in residential common areas and business staff areas.

    Click the above link to download and print a copy for your own use.

    Safe City Rangers  WA Police Force  000 Emergencies 
    Abandoned Vehicles Anti-social and disorderly behaviour Fire 
    Animal Control Assault  Life or property is threatened 
    Begging Bomb threats Serious accident or crime
    Busking Burglary / vehicle break-in Serious and life-threatening injuries 
    Footpath obstructions  Criminal damage  
    Littering Drug use / drug paraphernalia  
    Permit checks Found properly / suspicious items  
    Smoking in malls Indecent / obscene behaviour  
    Street trader Stealing / shoplifting (including attempts)  
    Unauthorised signage in public Street / park drinking  
      Suspicious behaviour  
      Traffic complaints / crash  
      Weapon possession  
      Welfare concerns  

  • Personal safety

    The City aspires for the City of Perth to be the destination of choice to visit, work, study, shop and live.

    All residents, workers and visitors should feel safe in the city, both day and night. People of all ages and cultural groups should feel comfortable engaging in organised activities and be able to visit public spaces and parks whilst enjoying our vibrant community life.

    Take advantage of these links for expert information on maintaining your personal safety whilst in our city.

  • Transport safety

    Enjoy the amazing public transport network within the city. Transperth’s: Safety and Security website has great tips for a safer bus, train or ferry journey.

    Transperth also provides free travel on CAT buses and any Transperth bus in the ‘Free Transit Zone’. Find out more at the Transperth Free Travel webpage.

  • Community safety

    With the introduction of the City of Perth SafeCity Plan, the City has actioned many initiatives to address community safety, reduce crime, as well as improving perceptions of safety. 

    Forming part of this plan is the close working relationship the City has with WA Police Force, the Department of Communities, Neighbourhood Watch, Crime Stoppers WA, other external agencies and support organisations.

    The Eyes on the Street app, powered by Crime Stoppers WA, allows anyone to report suspicious activity quickly, easily and anonymously.

    Whether you are a resident, business, worker or visitor we are all part of the Eyes on the Street. 

    If you are looking for a convenient way to report suspicious or unusual behaviour to Crime Stoppers WA, download the Eyes on the Street app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

    WA Police Force and Neighbourhood Watch both have a wide range of resources to assist the community in preventing crime, including printed materials on personal safety and property security. You can keep up to date on Police actions at the Perth District - WA Police Force Facebook page.

    You can report graffiti online via the Goodbye Graffiti website. This website is an online information service to assist the community with graffiti management and reduction strategies within Western Australia.

    Did you know, there is a direct link between bike theft and other property crimes? More than 9,000 bikes are reported stolen in WA each year. As well as using strong D-locks, you can register your bike or scooter with Bikelinc to reduce the chance of theft. Bikelinc connects you, your bike and WA Police Force together to help return your stolen bike.

  • Creating Safe Spaces

    A large part of community safety is creating spaces that deter criminal or antisocial behaviour. The City has produced a handy step-by-step guide to help retailers, licensed venues, businesses and residents to create safe spaces.

    The Creating Safer Spaces booklet is based on sound Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles used globally. It is your guide to building, designing or even retrofitting your space when factoring in crime and safety resilience. 

  • CCTV Surveillance (CityWatch)

    CCTV is an initiative designed to deter, prevent, and capture the occurrence of crimes in the City. Since 1991, City of Perth CCTV has maintained a state-of-the-art surveillance system with over 700 cameras (Click for camera map for locations). These are monitored 24/7 by professional surveillance operators. 

    Surveillance operators work closely with the WA Police Force as an aid in deterring offenders, gathering evidence for prosecution, reducing response times to priority incidents and monitoring City owned assets.

    The CCTV system operates under strict guidelines of the Code of Practice, containing a confidentially clause, operational information, principles and standards. 

  • Requests to view or access CCTV footage

    There are restrictions on accessing or viewing footage. Upon approval, footage will only be release to:

    • Legal professionals for use in the defence of their client.
    • The public defending themselves in court. The following documents must be supplied with the application:
      • All paperwork relating to the charge.
      • A signed Statuary Declaration stating you will be defending yourself in court.
      • Proof of ID with current photo.
    • Other parties as authorised by the Manager of Community Safety.

    The below terms and conditions must be read and accepted before your request to access footage will be assessed. Without an approved request, CCTV footage is only held for 30 days. 

    Terms and Conditions

    The applicant acknowledges the following:

    • Requests will be actioned within seven (7) working days from receipt of the form and payment of the $175 search fee. 
    • CCTV cameras may not always face the incident location or be operable at the time.
    • Surveillance operators will not provide feedback on footage content or suitability prior to a valid application being submitted and approved.
    • There will be no reimbursement of the search fee, even if no footage is located or is deemed unsuitable for the applicant’s purpose. 
    • Discovered footage will be downloaded to a USB. You will be advised by email of the date/time and location for the collection of the footage. 
    • By requesting a copy of the footage, you accept full responsibility for this working copy whilst it is in your possession. 
    • Neither the applicant nor any other person are permitted to or cause to make copies, release or publish footage or distribute copies of the footage, unless authorised or required by law. 
    • Unless authorised by the City of Perth CEO, no footage is to be released to any media.
    • Legal action may be taken if footage is handled contrary to the Terms and Conditions.  

    I accept the terms and conditions and wish to apply

  • Cam-Map WA

    Cam-Map WA is a voluntary platform allowing owners and operators of CCTV systems to self-register their CCTV systems onto a secure database operated by the WA Police Force.

    Accurate knowledge of the locations of CCTV systems will assist WA Police Force to investigate incidents, help with evidence collection and respond more effectively to emergencies as they arise.

    Find out more and register your CCTV details here.

    WAPOL Cam Map WA