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Elders Advisory Group

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are respectfully advised that this site and linked production contains images, video and audio of people who have passed away. Their contribution and legacy is valued and continues to inform the City’s initiatives.

The City of Perth kaditj kalyakool moondang-ak kaaradj midi boodjar-ak ngala nyininy, Wadjuk Noongar yoongar wer bandany Aboriginal yoongar yooarme boodjar-ool.

Ngalang woola Boorloo wer Derbal Yerrigan kalakoorl, wongin kadadjiny wer, wirn-yoodan.

Ngalang kaditj Birdiya koora wer yeyi moondang-ak kaaradjiny. 

The City of Perth acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land we are situated on, the Whadjuk people of the Nyoongar nation and Aboriginal people from other lands.

We celebrate the continuing traditions, living culture, and the spiritual connection to Boorloo (Perth) and the Derbal Yerrigan (Swan River).

We offer our respects to Elders past and present. 


Elders advisory group

Our Elders Advisory Group was established following the launch of the City’s first Reconciliation Action Plan in 2018, continuing the relationship between Elders from across not only the City of Perth, but the wider metro area. The City has committed to a journey of reconciliation working together and walking together with the Aboriginal community.

As part of this commitment, the City engages with the Elders and more broadly, the Aboriginal community to ensure history, culture, lore and Aboriginal voice is strongly represented in the City’s projects. 

  • Meet the Elders Advisory Group members
    Thank you to the current and previous members of the Elders Advisory Group:

    • Uncle Ben Taylor
    • Uncle Noel Nannup
    • Uncle Albert McNamara
    • Aunty Irene McNamara
    • Uncle Farley Garlett
    • Aunty Muriel Bowie
    • Aunty Vivienne Hansen
    • Uncle Gerrard Shaw
    • Aunty Cheryl Phillips
    • Aunty Dot Bynder

    Previous members:

    • Aunty Leisha Doollan Eatts (deceased)
    • Aunty Margaret Culbong (deceased)
    • Aunty Theresa Walley (deceased)
    • Uncle Walter Eatts (resigned)
  • Elders Advisory Group Agendas and Minutes
    March 2024 | AGENDA | MINUTES