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Obstruction Permit


An activity that obstructs any part of a public thoroughfare (e.g. roads, footpaths, verges or reserves) using any equipment; including cranes, cherry pickers, ladders, scaffolding, bins, sea containers, hand tools; or carrying out excavation works, filming or drone use, will require a permit.


The City of Perth processes approximately 300 Obstruction Permits each month. To assist the City in offering the highest level of service to all customers, the following conditions are in effect:


  • Applications are to be submitted by the organisation/contractor who is doing the work or requires the equipment (skip bin, etc.).
  • All reinstatement work and/or financial liability to the City or 3rd Parties will be borne by the applicant.
  • A minimum 5 full business days is required for assessment of an Obstruction Permit.
  • If Main Roads approval is also required, you need to allow 15 full business days for their approval after receiving the City’s endorsement for the road closure.
  • If you require assessment earlier than the minimum assessment time, a $100.00 late fee may be applicable.
  • Extension requests must be made in writing prior to the expiry of your current permit. The following applies:
    • A $50.00 extension fee and the minimum assessment period will apply
    • Extensions can only be applied to an existing application once.
    • Approved Obstruction Permits of 2-6 months will need to reapply, no extensions will be granted


Parking Fees – Where parking bays are impacted by the obstruction, fees are applicable. You will be invoiced separately for these fees once the assessment has been made by our Parking Services Unit. For current fees, please see Reserve or pay for a street parking bay.


All further queries on your application or the Obstruction Permit processes, please contact Activity Approvals on 08 9461 3333 or by email at

Key Details

Service TypeBuilding and construction
  • Fees and charges


    The following fees and charges will apply to your application, any additional fees will be invoiced separately:

     Obstruction Permit Application for General Works
     Standard application & processing fee  $156
     Fees that may apply in addition to the Standard application & processing fee:
     Road closure processing fee (additional to the $156 Standard
     application & processing fee)
     Applications between 2 and 6 month duration:
     (per month or part of)
     Ground disturbance, per location (excavating in roadway
     or footpath)
     Late application Fee $100 
     Permit extension fee $50 
     Document re-assessment fee per hour (min. 30 minutes) $100 
     Obstruction Permit Application for Skip Bin and Sea Container
     Skip Bin and Sea Container applications (parking bay fees may also apply)  $99
     Skip Bin and Sea Container applications – commercial (parking bay fee
     may also apply)
     + $57 processing
     fee may apply
     Decal Application
     Decal Application fee
     plus Decal installation per set of 10 decals (minimum 10)
     Helicopter Landing Application
     Helicopter application fee
     plus Helicopter Landing Fee (per aircraft landing)
     Filming and Drone Application
     Filming & Drone applications  $156

     Note: Application fees are non-refundable.


    Additional fees that may apply (not shown above)


    Please Note: Additional fees may be applicable for public health approvals and traffic management advice. Where these fees are payable, you will be notified by the Activity Approvals Unit and invoiced separately.


    Obstruction Permits will not be issued until all additional invoices have been paid.


    Parking Fees – Where parking bays are impacted by the obstruction, fees are applicable. You will be invoiced separately for these fees once the assessment has been made by our Parking Services Unit. For current fees, please see Reserve or pay for a street parking bay.

  • Minimum Documents Required

    For every Obstruction, Skip and Filming application the below minimum documents are required:

    • Diagram of Works (sample images below)
    • Certificate of Currency (Public Liability Insurance)

    Where parking bays are affected/required, please include:

    • A Parking Diagram (sample image below)
    1. For all bays being used for a Skip Bin or Sea Container
    2. For all bays used for works, equipment, and deliveries, including road closures preventing the regular use of car bays in the vicinity. 
    3. For all bays required for work vehicle parking (no deliveries, no working from vehicle)

    Further documents that may be required include the below list, please refer to the other headings on this webpage for more information. 

    • Traffic Management Plan
    • Pedestrian Management Plan
    • Noise Management Plan
    • Flight Path
    • CASAUVA Operators Certificate
    • Remote Pilots Licence
    • Notification Letter


    Diagram of Works Sample 1:

    Diagram of Works Sample 2:

    Parking Diagram Sample:

  • Christmas Restricted Period
    Obstruction Permits for works within the ‘Restricted Period’ that are likely to cause congestion for road users, including pedestrians, may not be approved within ‘Restricted Streets’ unless they are deemed to be essential infrastructure and unavoidable.

    The Restricted Period is from 21 November 2022 to 16 January 2023 inclusive.

    Restricted Streets are all roads bounded by:

    • Roe Street;
    • The Esplanade;
    • Barrack Street Bridge;
    • Mounts Bay Road;
    • Wellington Street;
    • Spring Street;
    • Lord Street;
    • St Georges Terrace;
    • Victoria Avenue;
    • Elder Street;
    • Riverside Drive;
    • Wellington Street; and
    • Barrack Street;
    • Sutherland Street

    Map of Restriction

  • On street parking

    Any equipment, road closures, works, or skip bins/sea containers affecting the public’s use of an on-street parking bay will need an obstruction permit. You will not be required to apply for parking reservations separately. For any state body works, please reference this in your obstruction permit description.

    Where an ACROD bay and/or Taxi Bay is requested, it is a requirement that a replacement bay be charged in addition to the ACROD/Taxi bay you require.

    Our on-street parking team are required to seek approval by City of Perth Management for all reservations effecting Loading Zones, ACROD Bays and Taxi Bays/Ranks.

    A parking diagram is required to outline all bays required. Please include a list of all dates the parking bays will be obstructed to the public.

    NOTE: Processing time for a parking permit will not commence until approval is granted by all other stakeholders during the obstruction permit application assessment.

    For more information and fees associated to on street parking head to Reserve or Pay for a Street Parking Bay | City of Perth


    Access into the City Malls – for more information, please view the Mall Access and Mall Deliveries heading below.

  • Mall access & mall deliveries 

    To prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering either the Hay St or Murray Street Malls to ensure public safety particularly during peak pedestrian traffic times. All applications require 48 hours (2 working days) to notice.

    An online application form must be completed at least two (2) working days prior to entry date. The City of Perth will review the application and respond via email with authorisation if the terms and conditions have been met.


    No Vehicle Movement Times

    There is strictly no vehicular movement through the malls between the following times:

    MONDAY - THURSDAY 1200 - 1400 & 1700 - 1800
    FRIDAY 1200 - 1400 & 1700 - 2300
    SATURDAY 0900 - 1800
    SUNDAY 1100 - 1700


    Loading Docks

    There are two loading docks for deliveries into the malls:


    • Best for deliveries to Murray Street Mall
    • Access off Wellington Street 
    • West Bound before footbridge
    • 3.6 m height clearance


    • Best for deliveries to Hay Street Mall
    • Access off 100 St Georges Tce
    • East bound 
    • 4.2 m height clearance
    • Private Dock – for access phone 9476 7676

    Loading Docks - Access Times

    MONDAY - THURSDAY 06:00 - 18:00
    FRIDAY 06:00 - 21:00
    SATURDAY 07:00 - 17:30
    SUNDAY 11:00 - 18:00

    Loading Zone - Parking Local Law

    • Code 10036 clause 2.8(1)(a) A person must not stop or park a vehicle in a loading zone unless the vehicle is a commercial vehicle or an authorised vehicle; and
    • Code 10037 clause 2.8(1)(b) a person is continuously engaged in loading or unloading goods to or from that vehicle
    • Code 10038 clause 2.8(2) A person must not stop or park a commercial or authorised vehicle in a loading zone for longer than the time indicated on the loading zone sign, or if no time is indicated on the sign for longer than 30 minutes, unless authorised by an authorised person.


    Mall Deliveries

    Access to private properties in City Malls must be requested by the owner of the property, or their agent/s. If the owner gives consent for access to their property, an online Mall Access Application Form will need to be completed, and the details registered by the City of Perth Communications Office. Parking on private property will only be approved if the bays are licensed. If the owner refuses access to their property enquiries should be made to the City of Perth Communications Office to make alternative arrangements.


    Should you wish to discuss any of the above contact us on (08) 94613333 or



    Delivery access to Murray Street Mall is to be made from Forrest Place loading dock. Delivery access to Hay Street Mall is to be made from the ENEX100 loading dock.

    Murray Street

    • Entrance from William St
    • One Way Only
    • Height restriction of 3.8m

    Hay Street

    • Entrance form Barrack St
    • One Way Only

    Private Parking off Mall

    Properties with their own loading docks, private parking or lanes can access the mall at any time except during no vehicle movement times (see below).

    Under no circumstances are vehicles to stop or park in the malls from 0600 to 1930 (2300 on Fridays).

    Parking on private property will only be approved if the bays are licensed and requests have been approved by the owner/agent.   

    The owner/agent must complete an online application form, once granted the vehicle registration/s will be recorded on the City of Perth database.


    Mall access times for vehicles parking in the mall

    Vehicles that are required to park in the mall for maintenance, shop-fit etc; can only do so during the followings times:-

    MONDAY - THURSDAY 19:30 - 06:00
    FRIDAY 23:00 - 06:00
    SATURDAY 18:00 - 07:00
    SUNDAY 18:00 - 09:00

    Mall Access times during the Christmas extended trading hours 


    22:00 - 06:00
    SATURDAY, SUNDAY 18:00 - 07:00
    • Authorisation must be granted prior to entry 
    • An online application can be obtained from the City of Perth website 
    • No more than three (3) vehicles per company are allowed to park in either mall at any given time
    • Deliveries must utilise the loading docks (see below) except those with their own loading docks ie: David Jones, Carillon, Target
    • Companies with private registered parking can access the mall at any time except during non-vehicle movement times

    To access the mall, vehicles must enter via the bollards using the intercom to speak directly with City Watch. If the vehicle has been registered and approved for entry, City Watch will lower the bollards and allow access.



    City of Perth Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law 2017

    • Code 1088 2.2(1)(c) Causing an obstruction on a thoroughfare - $250.00 
    • Code 1128 2.21(1)(b) Drive a vehicle on a closed thoroughfare - $350.00
  • Traffic and Pedestrian Management

    If any part of the work affects vehicular movement this will need City of Perth Transport Unit approval.

    A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is required for any activity on the road reserve that obstructs the passage of vehicles or the movement of any other road user. Traffic Management Plans are prepared and designed in accordance to Main Roads WA Code of Practice and the relevant standards.

    With the implementation of the TMP it is a requirement of the City’s Policy 22.3 Traffic Management within Road Reserves under accreditation that all companies engaged in traffic management on City of Perth roads must have current registration in the State Road Traffic Management Company Registration Scheme administered by Main Roads Western Australia.  Please refer to Main Roads WA website for further information.

    Works that will be in close proximity to traffic signals or are classed as complex as defined in Main Roads Code of Practice shall require Road Traffic Manager (RTM) Endorsement.

    Full footpath closures - A pedestrian management plan directing pedestrians safely around the work site, shown as minimum on a basic traffic guidance scheme (TGS) designed by an accredited AWTM traffic manager.

    Processing varying times (not requiring Main Roads WA temporary traffic signal approval)

    • Basic Traffic Management plan as compliant to Main Roads WA Codes of Practice and AS 1742.3 -  5 business days minimum.
    • Complex Traffic Management plan as compliant to Main Roads WA Codes of Practice and AS 1742.3 - 5 business days minimum

    Processing varying times (requiring Main Roads WA temporary traffic signal approval)

    • Applicant’s responsibility to obtain Temporary Traffic Management: Traffic Signal Approval from Main Roads WA
    • Applicant to obtain City’s approval prior seeking Main Roads Approval (refer to Temporary Traffic Management: Traffic Signal Approval Policy at Main Roads WA).
    • Complex Traffic Management plan as compliant to Main Roads WA Code of Practice and AS 1742.3 - 5 business days minimum for the City and 15 working days for Main Roads.
    Road closures require notification letters to residents/business’s within an 100 metre radius of works, an advert placed in the West Australian and proof of delivery. 
  • Noise Management

    Any works that are being conducted outside of normal working hours will require a noise management plan as required by the Environmental Protection (noise) Regulation 1997.

    Normal working hours are 7am to 7pm on Monday to Saturday.

    Construction works includes but is not limited to: 
    The construction, erection, installation, alteration, repair, maintenance, cleaning, painting, renewal, removal, excavation, dismantling or demolition of any building or structure

    Requirements for notification to affected resident’s and business’s within 100 metre radius, would also need to supply the following –

    1. A copy of the notification letter to businesses and residents for works scheduled before 7:00am, or after 7:00pm Monday to Saturday, or Sundays and public holidays.
    2. Proof of delivery of the above notification letter to all premises and affected commercial premises within 100m of the work site/s

    Proof of delivery can include:

    • A signed and dated delivery statement from the applicant, which includes a list of notified addresses, notified relevant commercial premise names and the method of delivery, along with a copy of the letter. 
    • A signed and dated spreadsheet, which includes a list of notified addresses, notified relevant commercial premise names and the method of delivery, along with a copy of the letter. 
    • A signed and dated Statutory Declaration, which includes a list of notified addresses, notified relevant commercial premise names and the method of delivery, along with a copy of the letter
  • Parks & Gardens

    Any Works that will affect any garden beds, trees, shrubs, flora and reserves within the City of Perth.

    Mark up a map/plan of work area that takes into account all items as listed in the definition above and also provides a damage mitigation strategy for damage that may be incurred during the course of activities applied for.

    Documents required with the application –

    • a PMP (Pedestrian Management Plan) which shows how you will maintain clear, safe passage for pedestrians
    • a TMP (Traffic Management Plan) - if you are planning partial or full road closure how will you manage the traffic flow
    • Parks - map/plan of work area.
  • Obstruction Permit for a Skip Bin or Sea Container

    A permit is required to place a skip bin or container on a road or verge. 

    If the skip bin is there for more than 24 hours then a pedestrian management plan may be required. This includes a diagram showing the use of reflective tape and reflective bollards around the obstruction. Please note that a minimum 1.5 metre pedestrian clearance is required for any obstruction on a footpath.

    Ensure the skip bin is placed in accordance with parking signs and that it does not create hazard to road users. Assess the location according to the following restrictions, making sure none will apply during the time the skip will be placed on the road.

    As part of the application process, please ensure you provide information or a diagram showing which parking bay will be used for the skip bin placement.  There will also be additional fees for the parking bay booking.  For more information please visit our Street Parking Bay page

    *Please note:
    This permit does not include the skip bin or sea container.  Separate arrangements will need to be made. 

  • Filming and Drones


    An application for Filming and Drone is required when you have a Filming/Photography group of 5 or more (including cast and crew), or when anytime a drone will be in operation within the public realm or on City of Perth property.


    The City supports the use of drones, subject to approval.


    For filming or safety exclusion zones (requirement for Drone use) impacting the City’s roads or footpaths, a Pedestrian Management Plan and/or Traffic Management Plan will be required.


    Please find more information under the Traffic and Pedestrian Management drop down menu above.


    Wedding photography is not covered by this permit, please apply for wedding photography at Weddings in the City | City of Perth


    When making your application with the City, please include the following information:


    Filming/Photography (groups of 5 or more)

    • A filming schedule with work site layout
    • A Pedestrian and/or Traffic Management Plan (when filming impacts City footpaths or road reserves).

    This permit does not cover wedding photography. 



    • A copy of the Drone Operators Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)
    • Depending on the proposed Launch/Landing and/or Flight Path you may need to seek approval from Development WA or Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (instead of/in addition to this permit);


    To undertake any filming or flying of drones within the City of Perth we request the above information to highlight the safety of yourself and the public.


    To check availability of parks and reserves, or to find out more information, contact Activity Approvals on 08 9461 3333 or

  • Helicopter Landing Permit

    Helicopter landings are considered on an application basis in the City of Perth for tourism promotional purposes. It is encouraged that Langley Park is the best place for landings, however other locations may be considered. 

    Documentation required as part of the submission are below: 

    • Picture and location of landing zone. 30m x 30m landing zone located a minimum of 30m from the road. Ground crew to exclude pedestrians from landing zone.
    • Minimum 30m Safety Exclusion Zone.

    For flights over Swan River – Permission is required from Department of Conservation.

    All operations are to be undertaken in accordance with Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approvals.

    Helicopter fees and charges are $99 for the application fee, and $200 per landing.