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Micro greening in the City

Six sustainable solutions for city apartments

See how to make your apartment more sustainable, reduce your carbon footprint, and you might even save on your bills! Heating and cooling accounts for 40% of energy used in residential buildings and another 25% goes towards plug-in appliances. Here’s how to live more efficiently.

1. Get off gas

Gas is used for a range of appliances such as heating, cooling and stove tops. It is inefficient and could be harmful to your health. Electrifying your apartment instead is a step towards being more sustainable. If you cannot do this as a tenant, the Climate Council recommends you consider a portable induction electric stovetop as a way to electrify your apartment.

2. Limit the draughts

Reducing the amount of air moving in and out of your apartment can reduce your energy costs. Draught sealing is an easy, rental friendly solution to keeping your apartment cozy in winter or cool in summer. Even a simple door snake can do the trick! The Australian Government estimates sealing could cut energy bills by up to 25%.

3. Be smart with appliances

Simple changes can save you significantly on energy bills. Reduce standby power and turn off non-essential appliances at the wall. When purchasing new appliances, buy appliances with the highest energy and water ratings to help you save long term. You can be smart with your appliances, with the Australian Government suggesting using cold water for laundry can reduce your energy tenfold.

4. Consider your blinds

The right window coverings can effect your home’s temperature as they impact lighting and cooling. Heavy blinds or curtains are very effective as they can be closed to limit heat loss or gain. A rental friendly alternative is temporary window films, which help control the amount of heat, light and glare coming into your apartment.

5. Make it green

Even apartments with limited outdoor space or small balconies can help green the city and improve air quality. Adding greenery to your apartment living can also improve health and wellbeing. Indoor plants are well known for removing harmful chemicals from the air. Our micro greening guide helps you find plants that work best in the city.

Download the micro greening guide

6. Know your energy usage

Conducting an energy audit helps you discover ways to increase efficiency and reduce bills. An audit shows key changes you can make to improve your home’s sustainability, and lower your energy costs. Energy audits are best suited to owner-occupiers and strata-title buildings. Find out whether your project is eligible for funding to cover energy audits, environmental ratings, and certifications.

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That's just one of many steps we are taking in our sustainability journey

Together we can make a greener and more sustainable city for all to enjoy. Check out some of our other projects.