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City of Perth Services Update

Essential services will continue throughout the lockdown and the City will continue to plan and make decisions based upon expert advice from the State Government. 

The following City of Perth facilities are closed until further notice: 

  • City of Perth Library 
  • Perth Town Hall 
  • Citiplace Community Centre
  • iCity Kiosk
  • Council House
  • Playgrounds
  • Jacobs Ladder

The following City of Perth facilities are open:  

  • City of Perth Customer Service is available online and on the phone (08) 9461 3333. 
  • The City’s Childcare centre is open for essential workers children only 
  • The City’s Waste services will continue as normal 
  • Safe City Officers and City Rangers will continue as normal 
  • The City of Perth will be providing traffic management around COVID Clinics 


All City of Perth carparks are now FREE. 

This is to assist essential workers in the city and will remain in place until the end of lockdown 6pm Friday 5 February 2021. 

When entering the car parks, these will function as normal with a ticket required to enter.  However, no validation of the ticket is required on exit, no fee will be payable.

Car parks without boom gates currently have 24/7 access and parkers in these areas do not need to buy a ticket. 

The City will also continue to monitor red zones for cars parked dangerously in areas such as clearways, on footpaths or in an ACROD bay without a valid permit to ensure community safety. 

Safety and Cleaning 

Safe City Rangers and Security Officers are continuing to patrol the city, on foot and via our Safe City vehicles.  

The Safe City team will be providing water and assistance for people experiencing homelessness, while our outreach service RooForce are also continuing to operate in Wellington Square and Victoria Gardens. Public amenities will remain open for access to water and toilets.  

Enhanced cleaning is occurring throughout City malls, public amenities and highly-frequented areas. City of Perth waste operations are continuing as normal.   

For information on the COVID-19 Lockdown please visit

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