The system can track a number of outputs, such as fuel usage and battery voltage, and uses GPS for route optimisation and vehicle location services.


Chair Commissioner Eric Lumsden said the IVMS was useful in gathering general data for fleet and plant management, and also allowed for tighter safety measures through a duress switch for emergency situations.


“Installation of the IVMS will greatly increase the safety of staff who work alone within their operational areas or work in the city at night,” Mr Lumsden said.


“Safety is of paramount importance to the City and the IVMS provides an extra layer of assurance for the City and its staff.”


Authorised drivers are identified by swiping their staff card and the IVMS can monitor driver fatigue, vehicle speed and distance travelled to allow for scheduled servicing.


The systems are currently installed in operational vehicles, such as those driven by parking inspectors and rangers, with waste service vehicles next to receive IVMS.


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