This year, CitySwitch is approaching health and wellness in offices by looking at how the built elements of a workplace detract from or contribute to human health, wellbeing and productivity, and what can be done to allow people to thrive in an office environment.

Chair of Commissioners Eric Lumsden says that lighting, acoustics, air quality, layout and a whole range of other qualities of an office have significant impacts on productivity, wellbeing and job satisfaction.

“Through the Healthy Buildings Campaign, the City has turned the spotlight onto human sustainability to ensure that our office buildings are good for people, as well as the environment and the economy,” Commissioner Lumsden said.

“Employee costs are the greatest investment of any organisation, so it is important to identify and implement improvements in office design and function that lead to a reduction in absenteeism and staff turnover.

“Small changes can make significant savings.”

Through initiatives like the CitySwitch Healthy Buildings Campaign, the City of Perth aims to educate, build awareness and share knowledge across all business sectors to create opportunities for healthier office environments and greater employee satisfaction.

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