At last night’s Council Meeting, Commissioners voted to seek feedback from the public to be considered before final amendments are adopted.

Chair Commissioner Eric Lumsden said mechanisms need to be put in place to ensure appropriate accountable expenditure of ratepayer funds.

“There needs to be a focus on transparency, including the justification and need for reimbursing any expenses, as well as ensuring any costs are applied by way of a consistent and equitable process,” Commissioner Lumsden said.

“Commissioners want to ensure there’s a clear nexus between expenses paid by the City and the functions of an Elected Member under the Local Government Act.”

Clothing, dry cleaning, personal presentation expenses, spectacles and personal donations to the value of $50 are some of the current reimbursements under consideration.

Public consultation will be open until 5pm Friday 17 August. Click here for more.

Issued by: Michael Holland, Senior Media Advisor, 0409 378 926,