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Police in Murray Street Mall

Perth Emergency Services -  Evacuation & Safety Protocols

Who to call in an Emergency

Emergency Services

For life threatening situations call 000 (fire, ambulance, police)

  • If you are hearing or speech impaired, call 106
  • for Police assistance call 131 444
  • for State Emergency Services (SES) assistance call 132 500

Helpful Hints

Do not call 911 - This is an American emergency number and does not work in Australia. In Australia call Triple Zero (000).

Why Triple Zero, rather than Triple Oh? Put simply, 'Oh' is a letter and 'Zero' is a number. In today's SMS-savvy world, you will note that the letter '0' sits on the 6 key on most alpha-numeric keypads.

If you dial Triple Oh it will result in actually dialing 666, and will not access emergency services. 666 does not direct to Triple Zero (000). If you would like any further information, or would like to help to promote the Triple Zero (000) message, please visit

Install the Emergency+ app on your mobile phone. If you require help for yourself or another person in an emergency, knowing who to call and providing details of your location is important to save time and receive help quickly.

Reporting Services

To make the City of Perth aware of emergency situations call our Citywatch Surveillance Centre on (08) 9461 6666.


Service Phone
ServiceWestern Power
Emergencies & power interruption 
Phone13 13 51 
ServiceATCO Gas
Emergencies & faults
Phone13 13 52
ServiceWater Corporation
Emergencies, faults & security
Phone13 13 75

For more safety contacts please visit the Community safety and surveillance page.

Are you Prepared Perth?

In the city you may need to respond to emergencies differently to when you are outside the central city, because high rise buildings and busy streets can present a number of different challenges.

To help residents, businesses and visitors prepare for and respond to emergencies, education resources have been developed. Animations and print materials have been supported by the Western Australian Government through the All West Australians Reducing Emergencies (AWARE) Program.

Flood Aware Be Prepared

As our city sits on the banks of the Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River), some areas are vulnerable to flooding.  Although rare, flooding does occur.  Learn more about how to be prepared at Flood Aware Be Prepared. (Courtesy of the East Metropolitan Regional Council EMRC)

Learn more by watching these videos

Emergency Preparation

Emergency Response


Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. Have you thought about how you may be affected or what you need to do in an emergency when you live in the city? Be prepared and learn more at Emergency Management Brochure – Residents.


During an emergency, businesses need to consider the safety of their workers, customers and their premises. They also need to consider what impact the event will have on their short, and maybe long-term business operations.

Learn about preparation and response to an emergency here Emergency Management Brochure – Business

How well your business recovers from an emergency starts long before an event occurs. Like all business success stories, business continuity begins with assessing risks and planning to minimise the impact they may have on your future business. Learn more at Business Continuity handout.


If you are from out of town or over seas, learn more about emergencies in the city at Emergency Management Brochure – Visitors.

Copies of brochures are available at the City of Perth Library and Council House.

  • Receiving Emergency Information

    Emergency Alert is a free phone messaging service that sends voice and text warnings to your phone during an emergency when lives may be in danger in your neighbourhood or where you are located. There is no need to register or sign up - in the case of an emergency, you may receive a text message on your mobile phone, based on the service address of the phone or a voice message on your landline telephone based on the location of the handset.

    You can obtain information regarding current emergencies by:

    • Visiting the Emergency WA website.
    • Calling 1300 657 209 for regular emergency information updates.
    • Listening to AM radio ABC 720 or 880 6PR.

    General Information

    Service Phone
    ServiceDepartment of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) warnings and incidents PhoneNA
    ServiceDFES emergency information Phone13 33 37
    ServiceBureau of Meteorology (BoM) recorded information Phone1300 659 213
    ServiceRoad conditions Main Roads WA Phone138 138
    ServiceAustralian National Security Phone1800 123 400
  • Emergency Management Arrangements

    The threat of a disaster affecting the City of Perth is ever present, as is the need to be prepared for natural and man-made events, response and recovery. In 2017 the City of Perth conducted a review of its Emergency Management arrangements to ensure that plans are fully inclusive of all areas within the City’s boundaries. This resulted in the development of the Emergency Management Strategic Plan 2017-2021.

    The supporting plans and arrangements demonstrate the City of Perth’s commitment to its community of residents, businesses and visitors, and the statutory requirements under the Emergency Management Act 2005.

    More details can be found in the following Emergency Management documents:

    The development and ongoing review of the Emergency Management arrangements along with training and education of key agencies, is dependent on the Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC). The regular meetings and collaboration that occur between the LEMC members illustrates that responding to hazards and emergency events, and minimising harm is everyone’s responsibility.

    The City of Perth works closely with the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) and is a member of the District Emergency Management Committee (DEMC). Exercises are also conducted to ensure the City, Government and community agencies are prepared for emergencies that may occur in the City of Perth and surrounding areas.

  • Disaster Relief

    If you have been involved in an emergency situation there are many services to assist you when it happens and in the days and weeks afterwards. Taking care of you and your family after the event is important.

    The Department of Communities is responsible for managing emergency welfare services during disasters and emergencies. To learn more about help available go to the DCP website here.

    Red Cross also has a number of resources that can help support you.

    The Lord Mayors Distress Relief Fund provides relief of personal hardship and distress arising from natural disasters occurring in Western Australia. For more information visit the Lord Mayors Distress Relief Fund website.