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Public Trading Permit application


Key Details

Service TypeEvent bookings
What you needPublic Trading Permit application
Eligibility requirements
  • A hard copy of the permit must in the possession of the approved person(s) at all times and displayed onsite for inspection during the operations otherwise individual fines will apply. Electronic/mobile phones or similar images are not acceptable.
  • Organisers will be required to pay for any damages arising from any activity.
  • A copy of your public liability insurance certificate is to be attached to the application. Note, companies and registered persons/organisations require public liability insurance to the minimum value of $10 million.

Please note, all Public Trading Permit applications may be subject to internal and external assessment. Generally, applications that directly compete with local businesses are not supported. 

  • Application requirements

    Only when all relevant documentation is received will the application be assessed. Completed application must be received with minimum full business days prior to the activity as follows:

    Activity Days
    Fundraising, collections, petitioning 5
    Fitness groups 5
    Stall holders 5
    Electric personal transporters 10

  • Electric Personal Transporters (ETP’s) conditions

    Tour supervisors are required to abide by the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984. For more information on safe working practices visit the Department of Commerce website.

    You do not have exclusive use of an area or route. Should the City approve another event in the area, it may take priority over the space. Applicants will be advised if arrangements will need to be made for alternative locations.

    Should the applicant or any of their representatives not comply with the above conditions or the directions of a Council Officer, an infringement may be issued or if appropriate, the City reserves the right to revoke the permit, at its discretion.

    • Permits will be limited to a 12 month period initially, however may be revised subject to the number of applications received.
    • Please include details of the site office if it is located within the City of Perth.
    • Attach a plan of the proposed route with this application.
    • It should be noted that some shared paths are under the control of Main Roads and a separate approval may be required from them.
    • Maximum of 10 participants per session.
    • Maximum vehicle size allowed is 48cm long x 63cm wide.
    • All equipment is to be maintained to safe operating standard. All participants must wear high visibility vests and protective helmets.
    • Tour supervisor must wear a high visibility vest, clearly identifying the tour company name.
    • Tour operators must ensure that their operations and ETP’s comply with provisions of the Road Traffic Code 2000 Part 15 Division 2.
  • Food Truck Program

    The City of Perth recognises the contribution mobile food vendors make to the vibrancy of a city and its communities, and this is reflected in our new Mobile Food Trading policy (CP 4.4, May 2021). 
    The City supports mobile food vendors that enhance the ambience of an area, while ensuring nearby businesses are not adversely impacted. Instead, The Food Truck Program aims to complement the City’s existing food and beverage economy.

    Food Truck Program, Guidelines and Conditions

    Participation in the Perth Food Truck program requires applicants to hold the following:

    • A Public Trading Permit
    • A Temporary Food Vendor Permit; and
    • A Food Act Registration Certificate

    Public Trading Permit
    Public Trading Permits are available for a three to twelve-month period. 
    Public Trading Permit fees are:  

    • $99 application fee; and
    • $1,212 annual fee (pro-rata to apply if less than 1 year, minimum of 3 months)  

    Temporary Food Vendor Permit
    An online application form is available at Temporary Food Vendor Permit | City of Perth 
    Temporary Food Vendor Permit fees are:

    • $46 application fee; and
    • $49 inspection fee (per inspection)

    *the temporary food vendor permits fees include GST

    Trading times can be found in the Guidelines. Requests for alternative times and/or locations can be made in writing to  

  • Fundraising, collections and petitioning

    A street collection is the "soliciting of funds or contributions and the selling and offering for sale of any button, badge, token, or other similar thing for the purpose of raising funds or contributions" in a public street or thoroughfare.

    The City of Perth does not issue Street Collection Permits,this applications can be made to: Street collections | Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (

    Should you require to set up infrastructure (stalls, tables, etc.), then you may also require an Event site, approved by the City of Perth. 

    Please contact the Activity Approvals team on 08 9461 3333 to discuss obtaining an event site. 

  • Fitness groups on reserves or parks

    You only require a permit to operate on City of Perth’s reserves and parks if the number of people is more than 15 per session. If the number of people per session is less than 15, you are required to contact the City as terms and conditions for use of the reserves and parks still apply.

    Permits for reserves and parks will only be issued from 7am to 7pm (Monday to Saturday). Permits will be limited to a three to six month period initially, however may be revised subject to the number of applications received.


    • Personal trainers are required to abide by the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984. For more information on safe working practices visit the Department of Commerce website.
    • Equipment is not to be erected on the verge or footpath. No equipment is to be hung or otherwise attached to any structures, signs or trees, or staked into the ground.
    • Personal equipment is not to be left on the verge or footpath while training. Equipment not permitted includes shade structures, tents, signs, banners, audio systems, lights or generators.
    • All permits are issued subject to availability.
    • Private property, including fences are not to be used for resistance training or warm up.
    • The applicant is responsible for the cleanliness of the site, otherwise a litter infringement may be issued.

Need more help?

If you have further questions please contact the Health and Activity Approvals team on (08) 9461 3333 or