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Council Policies are high-level statements articulating the intent of the City’s strategic objectives and provides high level guidance for the City’s operations. Policies help strengthen good governance and support consistency in decision-making and outcomes.

Since the October 2020 City of Perth Elections, Council has delivered on its commitment to review all Council Policies by September 2021 to ensure they meet contemporary Council and community expectations.

The City welcomes any comments, feedback or queries from the community on Council Policies via email.

Policy Document Name
  Code of Conduct for Council Members, Committee Members and Candidates
  CEO Standards - adopted May 2021
PolicyCP 1.1 Document NameAttendance at Events Policy
PolicyCP 1.2 Document NameProfessional Development Policy
PolicyCP 1.4 Document NameRecording and Live Streaming Meetings of Council
PolicyCP 1.5 Document NameCaretaker Period
PolicyCP 1.6
Document NameCouncil Member Allowances, Fees and Entitlements
PolicyCP 1.7  Document NameIndependent Committee Members 
PolicyCP 1.8  Document NameCode of Conduct Behavioural Complaints Management
PolicyCP 2.1
Document NameManagement of Investments
PolicyCP 2.13  Document NamePayments Under Section 5.50 of The Local Government Act 1995 
PolicyCP 2.17  Document NameLegal Representation 
PolicyCP 2.2  Document NamePurchasing Policy
PolicyCP 2.3  Document NameStrategic Financial Planning & Budgeting
PolicyCP 2.4  Document NameCash Backed Reserves Policy
PolicyCP 2.5  Document NameUse of Debt as a Funding Option Policy
PolicyCP 2.6 Document NameBudget Variations Policy
PolicyCP 2.7 Document NameProperty Performance, Investment and Disposal Policy   
PolicyCP 2.8
Document NameActing and Temporary Chief Executive Officer
PolicyCP 2.9
Document NameRate Exemptions Policy
PolicyCP 2.11
Document NameHeritage Rate Concession Policy
PolicyCP 2.12  Document NameAsset Management 
PolicyCP 2.14  Document NameRisk Management  
PolicyCP 2.15  Document NameFraud and Corruption Control
PolicyCP 2.16  Document NameComplaints Management   
PolicyCP 3.1 Document NameKerbside Parking
PolicyCP 3.3 Document NameTree Protection
PolicyCP 3.4  Document NameAllocation and Management of the Boat Pens in Claisebrook Cove
PolicyCP 3.5  Document NameInitiation of Local Planning Scheme Amendments 
PolicyCP 4.1 Document NameNeighbourhood Place Planning and Engagement Policy
PolicyCP 4.2 Document NameStakeholder Engagement Policy
PolicyCP 4.3 Document NameOutgoing Sponsorship and Grants
PolicyCP 4.4

Document NameMobile Food Trading Policy

PolicyCP 4.5  Document NameInternational Relationships
PolicyCP 4.6   Document NameHonorary Awards 
PolicyCP 4.7   Document NameCultural Collections  
PolicyCP 4.8  Document NamePublic Art
PolicyCP 4.9  Document NameCommemorative Works
PolicyCP 4.10 Document NameIncoming Sponsorship 
PolicyCP 4.11  Document NameNew and Innovative Events/Activations Policy