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Customer Service Charter

The customer is the centre of the organisation.

City of Perth’s Customer Experience Charter reflects an ongoing commitment to building a partnership with the local community. The City of Perth will do this by providing consistent and efficient service to customers through each interaction.

City of Perth are governed by key principles that combine to deliver innovation, cultural diversity and a sustainable future. These include:

Continuous Improvement

Whether you are a resident, business, worker or visitor, the City of Perth understands your contribution to developing the community. We encourage open communication, viewing customer feedback as an opportunity to improve and enhance your experience.

Dedication to Excellence

We are committed to providing the Customer Experience Centre with the tools and resources to ensure first-call resolution when and where possible.

Shaping the Future

We are listening. We want to proactively engage with you and give you a choice of communication channels to ensure you can connect with us anytime, anywhere.

Connect with us - by phone, email, mail or in person

  • The City of Perth will assist you with professional, accurate and efficient service
  • The City will inform you of the process around resolving your query and provide you with a unique reference number
  • Customer Service Officers will identify themselves by name and be recognisable by uniform
  • Customer Service Officers will take ownership and will aim to resolve your query at your first point of contact
  • For enquiries of a specialised and/or technical nature, our Customer Experience Centre will ensure an appropriate person is requested to assist promptly
  • The City is sensitive to the needs of the community, ensuring accessibility to members of the community with disabilities, language barriers and cultural differences
  • The City will maintain and update our website with current information and provide a range of self-service options available to the community when required

Our Standards of Service

Phone – We aim to connect you with a Customer Experience Officer within 30 seconds.
Email/Website – We aim to acknowledge within one business day and provide a response within seven business days.
Mail - We aim to respond within ten business days.
Complaints Management - We aim to acknowledge complaints within two business days and provide a response within twenty working days. 


The City of Perth value your feedback. The customer service charter is currently under review and we encourage you to submit complaints and suggestions for improvement via email at