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Elected Members and Staff Registers

Gift registers

Statutory gift register

The City’s Elected Members and Chief Executive Officer are obliged by the Local Government Act 1995 to formally disclose gifts that are worth over $300 which the receive in their official capacity, based on either: 

  • The once off  value of the gift; or
  • The total value of all gifts received from the same person over a year.

A register of these gifts is available below, in the format prescribed by regulation 28A and Schedule 1, Form 4 of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996

Form 4 Register of Gifts

Discretionary Elected Members’ gift register

Elected Members often voluntarily disclose the acceptance or refusal of gifts above and beyond statutory gift disclosure requirements, such as the acceptance of one-off gifts that are worth $300 or less. In line with the City’s commitment to transparency, a register of these gifts is available below.

Staff gift registers

Elected Member Gift Register
Staff Notifiable Gift Register – October 2019 to February 2021; and
Staff Gift and Travel Contributions Register – Prior to October 2019

Declared interests register 

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council held 17 May 2016, Council resolved to establish a public online register of financial, proximity and impartiality Interests disclosed by Council members and staff at Ordinary and Special Council Meetings commencing 30 June 2016.

Financial and Non-Financial Interest Register

Professional development register

The professional development register contains details of all mandatory and voluntary professional development undertaken by Elected Members in accordance with Policy 1.2 Professional Development. This register is updated quarterly. 

Professional Development Register

Interstate and international travel registers 

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council held 17 May 2016, Council resolved to establish a public online register for travel undertaken by staff and Elected Members.

City of Perth Interstate and International Staff Travel Register

Complaints of Minor Breaches

The registers of complaints of minor breaches contains details of matters where the Local Government Standards Panel has made a finding of a minor breach.

City of Perth Register of Complaints of Minor Breaches