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Local laws

The City has enacted a number of local laws that govern activities on land that is owned or managed by the City, as well as certain activities conducted on private land within the City.

These local laws have the status of legislation and are enforceable by the City. The City may authorise Officers to enforce the local laws on its behalf. The City is required to review its local laws once every eight years.

Proposed Local Laws

The City of Perth Parking Amendment Local Law 2023


Local Law Reviews

The City has commenced a review of local laws.

Click here for information about the reviews of the Standing Orders Local Law 2009, Dog Local Law 2011, Health Local Law 2000, Local Government Property Local Law 2005 and Parking Local Law 2017.

Click here for information about the reviews of the Air Conditioning Local Law 2004, Fencing Local Law 2015, Public Trading Local Law 2005, Special Events Local Law 2002 and the Activities on Land Local Law 2002.