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City of Perth Committee

The City of Perth Committee (Committee) was established under the Act to facilitate collaboration between the State and City of Perth. Under the Act the Committee must meet at least twice a year.

The membership of the Committee is as follows*:

  • Premier of Western Australia (or a Minister nominated by the Premier)
  • Minister for Local Government
  • Lord Mayor, City of Perth
  • Deputy Lord Mayor, City of Perth
  • Chief Executive Officer, City of Perth
  • Director General, Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

Recent Committee meetings

20 December 2017 - City of Perth Committee Meetings

3 December 2018 - City of Perth Committee Meetings

16 April 2019 - City of Perth Committee Meetings

10 September 2019 - City of Perth Committee Meetings 

24 March 2020 - Cancelled due to Covid-19

1 September 2020

Access other agendas, minutes and documentation for upcoming or past meetings via Council Meetings

Note: Minutes for the City of Perth Committee are released in conjunction with the Agenda for the next meeting.

City of Perth Act 2016

The City of Perth Act 2016 (Act) recognises Perth’s Capital City status, in line with other Australian States, by formalising the important role the City plays in contributing to the State’s businesses and economic growth.

  1. Section 4 (a) and (b) provide that the objects of the Act are:
    1. To recognise, promote and enhance:
      1. The special social, economic, cultural, environmental and civic role that the City of Perth plays because Perth is the capital of Western Australia.
      2. The important role that the City of Perth plays in representing the broader Perth area and the State of Western Australia on both a national and international level.
    2. To provide for the constitution of the City of Perth Council and recognise the unique role and responsibilities of the Lord Mayor of Perth and City of Perth councillors.
  1. Section 8 of the Act outlines the objects of City of Perth, they are as follows:
    1. To provide for the good government of persons in the City of Perth, including residents, ratepayers and visitors.
    2. To represent the community and encourage community participation in decision-making.
    3. To provide a safe, clean and aesthetic environment for community members, people who work in the City of Perth, visitors and tourists.
    4. To continuously improve the services and facilities that the City of Perth provides to the community and to local, interstate and international visitors and tourists.
    5. To promote awareness of the facilities and events provided or facilitated by the City of Perth and encourage the community to make use of or participate in them.
    6. To initiate and promote the continued growth and environmentally sustainable development of the City of Perth and ensure its continued role as a thriving centre of business with vibrant cultural and entertainment precincts, while enhancing and protecting its natural environment and having due regard to the flow-on impact on the Perth metropolitan area.
    7. To maintain and strengthen the local, national and international reputation of the Perth metropolitan area as an innovative, sustainable and vibrant global city that attracts and welcomes everyone.
    8. To nurture and support the initiatives and innovations of the diverse precincts of the City of Perth.
      1. To develop and maintain collaborative inter-governmental relationships at regional, state, national and international levels with a view to developing and implementing strategies for the continued improvement of the City of Perth.
      2. Tn achieving its objects, to use its best endeavours to strike an appropriate balance among the complementary and competing civic, economic, social, cultural and environmental considerations, including considerations relating to visitors and tourists.
*Following the suspension of the City of Perth Council, under section 8.19 of the Local Government Act 1995, Commissioners appointed by the Minister for Local Government currently fulfil the role of the suspended Council.