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Chief Executive Officer Performance Review Committee


  • Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas
  • Deputy Lord Mayor Clyde Bevan
  • Cr Raj Doshi
  • Cr David Goncalves
  • Cr Bruce Reynolds

Chief Executive Officer Performance Review Committee Terms of reference:


The purpose of the Chief Executive Officer Performance Review Committee (the Committee) is to:

  • Undertake the review of the Chief Executive Officers (CEO) Performance in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995, the Standards and the contract of employment of the CEO.
  • Work with the CEO to establish additional performance criteria for the CEO, if required.

Roles and Functions

The role of the Committee is to:

  1. Assist the Council in the engagement and oversight of a consultant to work with the committee, CEO and Council in conducting the CEO performance review in line with the process agreed between the CEO and Council (or consistent with the Standards and Department of Local Government Guidelines).
  2. Conduct with the CEO, elected members and the consultant, the performance review process and provide a recommendation to Council on the result of the performance review.
  3. Establish any additional performance criteria for the CEO, with the agreement of CEO, for recommendation to Council arising from the performance review process.
  4. Make any other relevant recommendations relating to the CEO’s employment, with the agreement of the CEO.

Training Requirements
Members of the Committee will be required to undertake the CEO Performance Review Training facilitated by WALGA within six (6) months of their appointment to the Committee.*

*Subject to WALGA delivering the course in the appropriate timeframe.  


The Committee shall be comprised of up to five (5) elected members which will include the Lord Mayor.

The City Administration will ensure appropriate support is provided to the Committee.

There are no external independent members of the Committee.

An Independent Consultant will facilitate the Performance Review Process.

Disclosures of Interest
Disclosures of Interest are to be made in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 1995.