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Electoral Gift Register

Candidates and electoral gift donors must disclose electoral gifts received, made or promised during the disclosure period, which runs until the day of swearing-in for successful candidates or three days after election day for unsuccessful candidates. 

All candidates are subject to the electoral gift requirements of the Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997, including candidates who are current Council members. 
Electoral gifts need to be disclosed either -

  • within 3 days of nomination if the gift is received, made or promised prior to the candidates nomination, or
  • within 3 days of the gift being received, made or promised once the candidate has nominated.

A gift is an electoral gift for the purposes of the Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997 where -

  • the gift relates to the candidate’s candidature, and
  • the value of the gift is $300 or more, or it is one of two or more gifts made by one person during the disclosure period with a total value of $300 or more.

Electoral gift donors are closely associated persons under the Act. Prior to accepting any electoral gifts, candidates should consider how the acceptance may affect their ability to participate in future decision-making processes.

Electoral gifts do not include the provision of volunteer labour, gifts by will, or gifts by a relative (as defined by section 5.74(1) of the Act).

More information on how to disclose electoral gifts can be found here.