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Female Founders Pitch Night

EMERSYN Female Founders Showcase Pitch Night Case Study

First time applicant EMERSYN was successfully supported through the City of Perth’s Economic Development Sponsorship in 2023 to host Perth’s first Female Founder Pitch Night. The event saw 10 female founders showcase their innovative start-ups or high growth businesses to a panel of expert judges.

The pitch night took place at the Spacecubed RIFF space, positively activating the CBD on a weeknight, and was well attended by over 200 guests including government figures, funders, well-connected industry leaders, founders, and supporters. 

EMERSYN was awarded a grant of $5,000, which enabled them to run the event, plus provide finalists with a competitive prize package which included a business development program scholarship, mentorship opportunities, coworking spaces, business tools and more.

As a result of the event, the pitch winner and founder of No Codes, Elizabeth Knight, captured the attention of a new potential funder. She voiced her gratitude to EMERSYN, “Thanks so much for organising the event and the opportunity, it was great to be a part of and we've already had loads of new sign ups and support as a result. So impactful.”

EMERSYN hopes to be able to host the Female Founders Pitch Night annually. Founder Megan Del Borrello has a vision to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem where there are no barriers for female business owners.

In reflecting on the night Megan writes, “The highlight is the amount of support and interest that each of the founders received after the event, on the night after the pitches and in the past few days, from new customers, offers of mentorship and a meeting for possible funding.”



Key points

  • The City of Perth’s Economic Development Sponsorship Program is designed to support the growth and ongoing development of emerging key sectors.
  • EMERSYN received a $5,000 sponsorship to host a Female Founders Pitch Night in the CBD at Riff, by Spacecubed.
  • Attendance exceeded expectations, reaching over 200 guests which included founders, industry experts, government officials and more.
  • The winner of the pitch night was awarded a business development program scholarship, mentorship opportunities, and network connections which led to further potential funding meetings.
  • The City of Perth is proud to support events which advocate for diversity in business and entrepreneurship environments.